Sun + Food + Water + Care = Growth

Life begins the day you start a garden...

Three Kings Syngonium requires frequent watering to grow. They like moderate sunshine and should be 6 feet from a window. Three Kings Syngonium prefers well-drained soil. If you repot your plant every time it doubles, it shouldn't require fertilizer. ...

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PlantaeFascinatio selects only the most promising plant specimens with highly desirable, consistent coloration and variegata. By selecting only the finest specimens and culling the inferior plants, their quality control program yields plants that will reliably produce consistent, excellent variegation.

Welcome to the community, @plantaefascinatio! 🫶🏻💚✨

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You got to read closely. ✨

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How Does Neem Oil Spray Kill Pests?

Neem oil is a very effective insecticide and pesticide. Nonetheless, Azadirachtin is the active element in the majority of neem seed oil. The chemical, when combined with other active substances, causes anti-feeding behaviour in soft-bodied insects.

In addition, it is a hormone disruptor that hinders the normal growth and development of insect larvae. Therefore, neem oil is beneficial as a prophylactic strategy throughout all phases of insect development.

It will destroy everything from eggs to adults. As a result, most nations utilize a neem oil spray to control fleas on cats since it is safe to use.


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Hello, it’s the Renaissance era and we’re welcoming it with this meme!

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Consider yourself a good seed that needs to be planted and will soon blossom into your best self!

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This looks surreal! 😳🤯 ...

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Happy Father’s Day to all plant dads out there! 🫶🏼💚

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It's time to put an end to this common myth about our green friends.

It's not true that you can't sleep with your plants in the room. A study shows that plants don't make much CO2 at that time. Plants take in CO2 at night so they can use it in photosynthesis the next day. So, the amount of pollution in your home will go down while you sleep.

Yes, you can sleep well without worrying about the plant next to your bed.

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Cacti and Exotica is finally on Plantly. Check their plants on our site!

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Every plant parent must be guilty of this 😆 ...

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A Father's Day treat to all Plant Dads, both newbies and pros! From June 13-19, give the perfect gentle giants or desert dearies to your favorite plant daddy.⁠

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The texture of these leaves is the primary reason why #Blackvelvetalocasia is so popular. These plants' velvety appearance and texture are enough to make any alocasia fan swoon.

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When your cactus walks away slowly because it knows you can destroy it 😂😂

Credits to the rightful owner

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