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Yes! Bid your heart out and win as many as you like! Good luck!

Definitely! Just set a maximum bid amount which the system can automatically set if someone tries to bid after you. 
Do not set a proxy bid above your capability to pay.

You certainly can! We would only recommend this if you are bidding on multiple plants simultaneously and want to ensure they end up in your collection. In this case, it would be prudent to bid a higher amount. 🙂

Great question! You will see a Winning badge on the plants you are winning!  You will also receive an email and a text notifications on the plants you’ve won. 

Absolutely! You will receive both an email and a text notification immediately if you were outbid on a plant.

Stripe is our payment processor and they’re the best!

Shipping charges and method will depend on the vendor who sold the plant.

Once you’ve won a plant/s, you will be notified through an email and a text message. After that, you will have 24 hours to settle your payment of your won auctions as seen on the checkout page. If not, the email and text notifications will continue to remind you to pay until the vendor closes their auction page anytime of the week. 

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