10 Spring Container Garden Ideas

Not everyone is privileged to have a garden outside. But it does not mean you cannot have spring containers to say goodbye to the winter month and hello to spring.

So, whether you have a garden or a patio or no space for a garden, the following spring container ideas will brighten up your place with color.

10 Creative Spring Container Gardens

With the cool weather still around, you can choose some of these ideas to start spring containers. You can brighten up your entryways, borders, or patios with a veranda with fabulous foliage and blooms.

Then when the warmer weather starts, you can capture spring with the best blooms.

Large Container Garden With Multiple Flowering Plants and some Greens

large spring container garden with flowering plants and greens

You can welcome the season with an arrangement of annuals, like mixed bulbs growing at different heights. Then tuck some delicate pansies in between to fill the base. Finally, use paired urns to plant your purple tulips, pink blooms, yellow daffodils, variegated English ivy, and grape hyacinths for a glorious entry arrangement.

While getting your bulbs planted in combinations to bloom simultaneously is tricky, it is not impossible. You can select some early, mid-season, or late blooms in one package to plant in the same container garden.

Or, if you have not had the time to plant bulbs the last fall, you can find potted bulbs available to add to your container garden. Preferably, choose ones with buds to help coordinate your blooming time.

Provide your container garden with moderate to high watering and full sun to partial shade.

Spring Containers with Bright, Colorful Blooms

spring container garden @dougbeckers spring container garden @dougbeckers

Create a spring container garden center in a vignette form. Use it as a trio-massed entryway by placing colorful pansies with nemesias in your lower container.

Then plant an evergreen combination of boxwood in your medium container with some trailing ivy.

Then add height with a large container filled with some purple foxgloves. Another trick to add texture is to use pussy willow branches to stick into the soil providing attractive support for your tall, blooming spikes.

The water requirements are moderate to high for these flowers, and they prefer full sun to partial shade.

Hydrangea in a Wooden Bucket

white flowering Hydrangea in a basket

Create some purple rain with the blooms of hydrangeas suitable for spring containers. You can buy them with buds or in bloom to combine with some hyacinths and chartreuse stonecrop for a magnificent look during the growing season.

Once they reach their peak, you can plant them in your stunning garden. So fill up that wooden bucket with some potting soil and provide them with moderate watering with direct sun and partial shade in the afternoon.

One thing is for sure they will add texture to color placed anywhere on a patio or at your front door.

Miniature Tabletop Container Gardens

Miniature Tabletop Container Gardens

Nothing looks more spectacular than creating a miniature vignette for a small-scale display. Whether it is a tabletop or elevated pot to see your arrangement up close, daffodils like your Hawera or the Baby Boomer say it all.

Combine them with hyacinths and pansies to add height, and tuck in some pussy willow or a budding forsythia. These plants grow at various heights making for a great display.

Provide moderate watering and thrive in the morning sun with shade in the afternoon.

The Fragrance of Spring

front port container garden

For a delicious fragrance of your spring container garden, place or cluster potted bulbs like paperwhites or hyacinths at the main entrance. These plants are widely available at your local garden center, and the flowers smell amazing.

These plants need moderate watering but full sun with some shade in the afternoon.

A Sweet Treat of Strawberries

strawberries in a pot

The fantastic thing about strawberries is they grow well in a pot. Still, the plant prefers warm soil temperatures with good drainage, and you can find some great varieties available.

We recommend choosing June-bearing varieties, providing you with your first harvest in early summer.

Ensure the container has enough drainage holes and keep the soil moist but not soggy and provide them with full sun.

Pastel Filled Succulents in Pots

succulents in pastel ceramic pots

Pastel hues welcome a new season, and succulents are fuss-free to care for. They grow like perennials, and some can even withstand the cold. You can select a combination to add texture and colors to your containers, like the upright aeoniums or the rosette-forming echeverias.

Then add some ground cover sedums to give the pastel shades you desire. Or add others like the stonecrop, aloe vera, and more. The fantastic thing is these succulent plants prefer more heat with low watering requirements in full sun with partial shade.

Also, keep checking the soil moisture to water only when the soil dries. You will love the pastel foliage colors.

Bird Nest Design in a Spring Container Garden

You need no planting for a charming arrangement using the bird’s nest. Just add some pussy willow branches with some moss and a decorative bird’s nest you find at craft stores. You can mist your moss every few days for indoor gardening to keep the foliage green.

It only needs misting and no light.

Cascading Flowers Around Your Evergreen Perennials

srping container garden with cascading flowers

Nothing is more exciting than adding color to your winter evergreens using cool weather annuals. You can use pansies or violas or add warm-weather plants like the bacopa or petunia around the base of the containers.

Choose lavender, blue, yellow, lemon-yellow, pink, and orange shades to give your plants the spring container garden look. The water requirement is moderate, with the container standing in full sun.

One thing is for sure they will brighten up your evergreen perennial plant.

Welcome Summer With Spring Bloom Baskets

spring basket container garden

Add a sunny welcome using spring blooms with vibrant pastel tones to make a visual impact anywhere using baskets.

You can display your baskets in the entryway to pack some color. Combine pink tulips with your yellow daffodils and pop them with shades of blue or tangerine pansies. Then add some purple nemesias and end it with a variegated English ivy.

Provide your plants with full sun with afternoon shade and frequent watering.

Final Thought

Adding pink and yellow to deep purple flowers creates a high-contrast foliage combination to welcome spring and summer.

With spring container gardens, you can add color to any dull spot in your yard, entrance, or patio.

No matter what plants and pots you choose, bring out your creative side today by planting your annuals and perennials for a fantastic spring display.

All that is left is to provide your plants with enough light and water to keep them thriving. As the saying goes, gardening is a great way to relax and welcome the summer with open arms.

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