Anthurium Colors and Their Meaning

The Anthurium flower remains a hospitality indoor plant, and the heart-shaped leaves with different flower colors make them a showstopper in the garden and home. Hence, you can bring a tropical touch to your home, and they are unique in many ways and practical to use. Stay tuned as Plantly is here to guide you.

What is Anthurium?

anthurium plants

The Anthurium is an epiphyte plant native to the rainforest of America and develops into exotic blooms. The plant belongs to the Araceae family, and the name translates to bloom and tail. Retailers advertise it as the painted tongue, flamingo lily, or pigtail.

The flowers are spathes with a huge bract and modified leaf. On the spadix, the actual flower is as small bumps with a fleshy finger-like spike in the center. As we will discuss later, the plant has a lacquered appearance you can find in different shades.

One thing is for sure the flowers are long-lasting in fresh bouquets. Another exciting thing is that most Anthurium species are epiphytes growing on other plants. You can find the shapes in a tulip, cup, ribbon, or heart.

Furthermore, the Anthurium colors have a meaning, but the flower also symbolizes many things. As the plant adapts to different environments, it is the hospitality flower that grows anywhere. Other meanings for this outdoor plant are happiness and abundance.

Anthurium plants can thrive in warmer temperatures to colder ones, making them a versatile plant to have.

Color Meaning of Anthurium Flower

In the Anthurium varieties, you find different colors in this beautiful plant, each with its meaning. So, the next time you pick this flower as a gift thinks about the colors and the connotation. Doing this will help choose one that suits the occasion.

White Anthurium Flowers

white flower anthurium

The color resembles innocence and purity, making it perfect for giving to a person you find beautiful inside and out. You can use it in a bridal bouquet or decorations. Whether it is a baptism, wedding, or childbirth, the white lady makes for a perfect gift.

Red Anthurium

red flower anthurium

Red is admiration, love, and passion, and the leaves are like as big hearts. With these Anthurium colors as a gift, it brings out the romance for you and a loved one. So, give that fantastic person this red flower to show how special they are in your life.

You can gift it to someone on Valentine’s day or their anniversaries.

Pink Anthurium Flowers

pink flower anthurium

Pink is motherly love as it shows femininity and compassion. Pink makes for perfect blooms for a person you are not romantically involved with. You can surprise your mother, sister, or another person with pink flowers.

The pink color also represents a subtle nature and kindness and is a neutral color to give to someone like a housewarming gift.

Purple Anthurium

purple flower anthurium

Yes, purple might be distinctive as it only became popular recently. Purple is an eye-catching shade symbolizing royalty, passion, and spirituality. The purple blooming flower is perfect for the love in your life.

Purple also looks terrific, displayed in a bouquet with orange and yellow flowers.

Green Anthurium

green flower anthurium

Green flowers on the foliage and roots in this plant symbolize growth, freshness, hope, and power. You can gift this green flower, even the leaves to anybody to grow. The natural green color displays well with other varieties in shades of orange and yellow in the home.

Do Anthurium Flowers Change Color?

The Anthurium colors can change as growers have manipulated the hues to span with the rainbow, and it starts off the green. Sometimes growers can even fool you by using hormones for blooming.

So, once you bring your flowers home, they no longer display the color you bought. Because of the growing conditions, it is not unusual to change color. In addition, it can change color as it ages.

The spathe can also fade if the dormancy period is not long enough in the second bloom and if it’s not exposed to the right light intensity and duration. Even improper watering or too much fertilizer can cause this to happen.

The important thing is that no matter what Anthurium colors you have, it helps to provide them with enough light to keep those stunning hues. Another important thing is to check your species. In addition, it helps to learn more about their caring needs to prevent this from happening.

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