Best Flowers for Father’s Day Celebration 2022

Yes, June 19, 2022, is Father’s Day, so why not get an early start to order some unique plants with our Father’s Day plant sale.

You can even find gift baskets specially made for your father. Or, you can gift dad flowers. Who said you could not send a flower bouquet to display in his man cave.

So, if you want to know the best flower arrangements to send to dad on his special day, make sure to read on.

Why & When Do We Celebrate Father’s Day 2022?

father and children

As with mom’s special day, she is not the only particular person in your life dad is also very special. But when and how did Father’s Day become a day to celebrate all dad’s around the world.

It all started in a West Virginia church in July 1908 in a Sunday sermon to commemorate 362 men who died in an explosion at the Fairmont Coal mine situated in Monongah the previous year in December.

Still, it was only a one-time celebration at the time. Sonora Smart Dodd from Washington started campaigning for a special day for male parents the following year. She visited the YMCA, churches, shops, and government officials to help support the idea.

Sonora was successful, and Washington celebrated the first nation Father’s Day on June 19, 1910. Yet, it was not as popular as Mother’s Day. The day became a nationwide holiday in 1972, 58 years later after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official.

Still, as with Mother’s Day, the enthusiasm was not that high as fathers did not have the same appeal to flowers as mothers. Nevertheless, the holiday slowly spread, and President Wilson honored the day in 1916 by unfurling a flag and using telegraph signals in Spokane, pressing the button in Washington D.C.

Eventually, it resulted in President Calvin Coolidge urging the state governments in 1924 to honor Father’s Day. But, many dads continued to disrespect the day as to how can they compare flowers with manliness. The men felt it was a commercial gimmick to sell products that the fathers pay for.

Then, in 1972 Richard Nixons signed a proclamation stating that Father’s Day becomes a federal holiday. Today, Americans spend over a billion dollars on Father’s Day gifts.

What Flower Symbolizes Father’s Day?

Now maybe you want to have a special dinner to honor your dad and wondering what Father’s Day arrangements you can place on the table. Well, mom has an official flower, the carnation. The Father’s Day official flower is the rose.

In some countries, you can see people wearing a rose on this special day as it signifies that their dads still live, while a white rose symbolizes his passing.



Yes, roses might represent love, but it has been around since ancient times grown for the fragrance. It also has healing properties and looks fantastic in a flower arrangement. Furthermore, it makes for ideal Father’s Day flowers and symbolizes completion, achievement, and perfection.

As with most plants, the rose color also has a meaning. The red rose shows love, courage, and beauty, while a res rosebud is purity. But a thornless red rose is love at first sight. Likewise, looking at yellow roses symbolizes joy, friendship, and new beginnings.

While the orange rose signifies sensuality, fascination, and desire, which is not a great option in a Father’s Day bouquet, a dark pink rose indicates gratitude and appreciation. In contrast, a light pink one is sympathy and admiration.

Lastly, the white rose displays purity, secrecy, reverence, and silence.

Best Flowers Dads Would Love for Father’s Day

While papa, dad, or pop might not enjoy a Father’s day bouquet, you can always give gift baskets with some flowers and his most enjoyable treats. Still, men have a soft corner, and another great present is Father’s Day plants.

You can present your pop with a bunch of red roses to express your love for him. While for a bold statement, tropical flowers will portray his masculinity as these flowers have a long-lasting nature. But there are other perfect gifts in the plant collection you can choose.



It is not hard to smile when you look at daisies as these outdoor plants are cheerful flowers. The daisies brighten up any room with their delicate petals. It makes for popular gifts and represents cheerfulness.

Looking at the plant brings positive vibes with its sun-like center surrounded by delicate petals; nevertheless, if you are a new parent, why not gift your loved one with daisies to welcome your child into the world.

Maybe dad’s day can become even more special as he is starting new beginnings, and it will make a perfect gift. Brighten your dad’s home with daisies plants.

Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium orchid

The Dendrobium Orchid translates to life in a tree and comes from a Greek word. Still, the flower symbolizes love, charm, refinement, beauty, thoughtfulness, and fertility. Still, to express gratitude to your dad, a bouquet of Dendrobium Orchids will make his Father’s Day memorable.

In the Aztec times, the flower symbolized power and strength to whoever consumed it. The people made an elixir of white orchids with vanilla. Yet, your pop doesn’t need to drink it as he is the pillar of the home, keeping everyone together.



Lastly, if you are uncertain about what beautiful flower to gift your pop, why not give him potted plants like the sunflower. The flowers start bright and sunny, bringing strength, positivity, and displaying loyalty. Also, it brings good luck with lasting happiness, and it always turns towards the sun when growing.

Where Can I Buy Father’s Day Flowers?

Great, now that you know what Father’s Day gift you can get your dad on the third Sunday in June. You might be wondering where you can buy these remarkable indoor plants. You can look at company flower guides online, a local flower shop, or look right here at Plantly.

We have a big Father’s Day flower sale at the moment, especially to celebrate all dads in the world.

Whether you want to buy, sell or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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