Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom for Spa-Like Experience

Bathrooms are often dull but if you want to make yours special, there are some amazing houseplants for the bathroom to make it more lively.

 You won’t have to spend money on air humidifiers, as these houseplants for the bathroom will get the amount of moisture they need to thrive.

Also, they will beautify the space, so time spent in the bathroom will be a bit more enjoyable.

So, which plants should you choose for your bathroom?

On this list, you will find low-maintenance plants that are stunning décor pieces.

Let’s begin!

3 Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Orchid (Orchidaceae family)

Orchid (Orchidaceae family)

Orchid is probably one of the most popular indoor plants – it is stunning, grows colorful flowers and it isn’t super demanding.

It belongs to the Orchidaceae family – one with the largest number of flowering plants.

What makes this flowering plant so popular?

Well, firstly, its looks should be mentioned.

Orchids can have leaves in different shapes and sizes – if you do not like large plants, with too much foliage, you can easily find an orchid with stunning small and oval-shaped or orbiculate leaves.

When it comes to flowers, their shape, as well as color, varies. Purple or blue flowers will brighten the space, but if you prefer a more neutral color, then you can go for an orchid with white or light pink petals.

Secondly, orchids aren’t too demanding plants.

A pot with drainage holes and a potting mix with good drainage are the two most important things. If you can’t meet this criterion then you can place the plant in a regular pot and repot it frequently during the growing season or it will drown in water.

Speaking of watering, this plant prefers slightly moist or dry soil. You will probably water the plant every few days. By checking the moisture of the soil, you can easily determine whether the plant needs water or not – as long as the soil is wet, it doesn’t require watering.

Orchids love sunlight but are sensitive, so they should get a lot of indirect light. Also, you will have to maintain the temperature of the room around 60-70 Fahrenheit degrees.

Since this plant thrives in highly humid air, the bathroom is a great spot – the humidity that is created during showering will keep the plant healthy.

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

If you do not think of yourself as someone with a green thumb then the Chinese Evergreen is the perfect plant for you.

This plant will easily adapt to all conditions and doesn’t require a lot of attention in general, so it will thrive even if you forget about it from time to time.

Of course, before you buy the plant, you should learn a little bit about it and what it needs.

As you can probably conclude, this plant comes from China – it grows in its forests and it can be even found in the forests of countries surrounding China.

Since there are over twenty species of Chinese Evergreen, just like Orchids, it has versatile look. Some of the species are a bit smaller, with smaller leaves and different leaf-shape, while others can grow large foliage.

No matter which species you chose, one thing is guaranteed – it will be super easy to take care of.

Chinese Evergreen loves moist soil, but it won’t mind sitting in a dry one for a few days – the dryness won’t negatively affect its health, as long as this dry period isn’t too long.

So, you can water the plant every day, or only two or three times weekly.

The plant will thrive if you combine a good watering schedule with great soil – perlite is recommended, but you can use potting mix for orchids if you can’t get your hands on perlite.

Also, if you have a pH meter, see whether the soil is acidic – Chinese Evergreen prefers it to be slightly acidic.

The one thing that this plant can’t stand is low temperature – luckily, the temperature of the house is never too low to damage the plant, but you should still check the thermometer to make sure the plant isn’t freezing.

Furthermore, the amount of sunlight depends on the species you have. Typically, many species of Chinese Evergreen do not mind dark and low-light spots. To boost its growth, make sure that the plant gets a bit of indirect sunlight every day.

Begonia (Begonia Obliqua)

Begonia (Begonia Obliqua)

Because of their foliage, begonias are stunning décor pieces, and therefore, they are one of the best houseplants for your bathroom if you want to lighten up space.

Begonia belongs to the Begoniaceae family and is native to South America and Africa. There are over 1800 Begonia species, and some of them grow in Asia as well. Begonia Obliqua is one of the most popular Begonia species.

It has quite large and oval leaves. From Jun to fall, it develops flowers as well – they are small and white but add a bit of volume to the plant. However, these flowers might not develop when growing Begonias indoors.

When it comes to its demands, it is relatively easy to take care of.

Begonia grows well in containers, which makes it easy to grow indoors.

Since it has adapted to a tropical environment, you should do your best to recreate those conditions.

Firstly, you should water the plant frequently, but do not drown it in water. Before you water the plant, check the soil with your fingers. Since the plant is super sensitive to overwatering, it is best to let the soil dry and then water it again.

If you overwater the plant, the roots might start to rot.

For soil, use the mix with good drainage. Stay away from clay soils, and use sandy mixtures with peat. You can add  perlite and vermiculite to the potting mix as well.

Moreover, make sure that the pot has drainage holes.

When it comes to light conditions, the plant is sensitive to direct sunlight. If your bathroom is well-lit, place a sheer curtain over windows, so only filtered rays are reaching the plant. You can keep it in the shade during the day, and expose it to the sun only in the early mornings or late afternoons.

Also, set the thermostat to 22 Celsius degrees and make sure that the temperature never goes below 15 Celsius degrees.

Final Thought

If you need something to decorate your bathroom, then choose one of the above-mentioned plants.

Your bathroom will look like a spa, and because they aren’t demanding, even an amateur can take care of them.

Whether you want to buy, sell or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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