The Best Indoor Flowering Plants to Brighten Up Your Living Space

Adding elements of nature to our homes and interiors improves our well-being, and what better way to do it than growing indoor flowering plants?

So, if you want to add a pop of color to your home with a mesmerizing fragrance, look no further than these flowering houseplants we have here.

Best Flowers For Indoors

beautiful blooms- the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

You can easily energize and brighten your home with your favorite flowering indoor plants. Each of the following flowering houseplants is easy to care for and has beautiful flowers to add style and beauty to your decor.

African Violet

lovely flowers of african violet - the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

You will surely remember these indoor plants from your childhood. The African Violet is a popular houseplant and prolific flowering plant. The African Violet has cheery five-petalled blooms in shades of blue, pink, white, red, and purple.

African Violets have dark furry leaves, and the care is straightforward, even for beginners. It needs constant temperatures of 65°F to 75°F and at least ten hours of direct sunlight to flower. Still, avoid watering the foliage as it can lead to crown rot and water 💦 when the soil is dry.

You can feed your African Violets an exceptional liquid plant food in the growing seasons.

Best Indoor Flowers Kalanchoe

stunning blooms-the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

Kalanchoe is high on the list if you need plants for pets. The flowering houseplant you find in rainbow 🌈 shades is one of the most popular plants with stunning flowers. They are petite pot beauties standing on a window sill, or you can group them on a tabletop to make your living space cheery.

Most indoor flowering plants in the Kalanchoe thrive indoors in full sun as they have thick, glossy green leaves to store water. So, check out the Kalanchoe care needs to ensure your indoor flowering plant remains healthy.

Calathea Or Eternal Flame Plant

beautiful calathea -the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

A showstopper in the home to give your decor a savvy design is the Calathea with its bold patterned leaves. But it is not only the leaves that look striking as it provides you with spectacular flowers. The Eternal Flame is popular with bright orange flowers and purple-green leaves.

The blooms sit above the foliage and can last up to three months. The plant prefers a stable temperature above 59°F and needs direct sunlight with well-draining potting soil and high humidity, like in the kitchen or bathroom.

Anthurium or Flamingo Lily

beautiful anthurium flower- the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

Another blooming plant that is easy to care for is the Anthurium or Flamingo Lily. The exotic houseplant has beautiful showy blooms. You see shades of white blooms, red or pink flowers, and even lime.

Each bloom can last up to eight weeks, and new ones pop up often. While they are not actual flowers but modified waxy leaves called spathes, they remain beautiful indoors. Like the Flamingo Lily, most indoor plants grow indoors in high humidity to light conditions.

So, they can thrive in indirect light with moist soil in temperatures between 59°F-68°F indoors. Still, it is not a pet-friendly plant and is toxic when ingested.

Amaryllis Fancy Indoor Flowering Plants

beautiful amaryllis flowers - the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

These flowering houseplants thrive in well-drained soil and look big and bold, standing in bright indirect light.

These plants are considered the best indoor plants, with their large bulbs growing through winter to early spring.

Then suddenly, the flower bud unfurls with exciting blooms in shades of blush pink, white, scarlet, coral, and deep maroon.

The plant comes from South Africa and has incredible fragrant tuberose, and a favorite is the Green Magic or the Mandela Tuberose.

An important thing with the Amaryllis is to water sparingly when planted until the stems reach two inches. Then, it needs constant watering.

Hoya Carnosa Or Wax Plant

beautifful hoya carnosa flower - the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

The Hoya Carnosa looks fabulous in a plant hanger, featuring long segmented vines. The plant forms clusters of star-shaped flowers 💐 with a sweet scent.

It is a long-lived flowering indoor plant that needs little attention and is stunning when trailing from a high shelf.

The green vines with leaves have silver freckles that reach up to four inches long. These humidity-loving plants prefer their soil to remain moist but not waterlogged, leading to root rot.

You will need to mist the foliage and keep room temperatures above 50°F.

Check out the Hoya Carnosa in our shop, which is sold at a reasonable price.

Streptocarpus for a Colorful Bloom Indoors

stunning indoor plants - the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

The Streptocarpus provides an endless array of beautiful shades that range from rose and deep violet to pale lemon. The plants flower in spring through to summer, making a dramatic appearance with long-lasting brightly colored blooms.

The flowers you find perched on slender stems standing above the strappy leaves. Provide direct sunlight in your indoor garden and keep them well watered. You can deadhead the spent flowers and feed them with a potash general fertilizer to keep them flowering.

Phalaenopsis Or Moth Orchids 

stunning blooms of moth orchid- the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

Orchids remain striking and even look fabulous in a fresh bouquet. We will not say they are low maintenance, but you find them available in some exotic colors. A popular choice is the Moth Orchid; the blooms are vibrant and monosymmetric.

With the orchid, you can add a pop of color to growing indoors, thrive in indirect light, and ensure moving them around for filtered sunlight throughout the year. Also, water your plant in the morning to allow the foliage to dry before evening.

Aeschynanthus Lipstick Plant

charming plant-the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

The lipstick plant is a vine that looks fabulous in hanging baskets. The thick, fleshy leaves produce clusters of bright red flowers. The red blooms look like lipstick 💄 pushed out of the tube; for better blooms, place your lipstick vine in indirect light to receive bright light for only a few hours a day—the flowering plants flower from summer to fall.

Crown of Thorns

gorgeous flowers-the best indoor flowering plants to brighten up your living space

The crown of thorns blooms tiny flowers and needs well-draining soil but needs to dry out between watering. Provide the crown of thorns with direct sunlight in a south or west-facing window—the plant flowers throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your plant, numerous indoor flowering plants bloom in spring and summer. They bloom in the growing season because the weather is warmer, and they receive a lot of natural light. But when you keep the conditions in the home warm and bright, your plant can flower for months.

Two contenders, the Calathea and Anthurium, have the longest-lasting flowers for up to 8 weeks to three months.

The plant that flowers the most is the Streptocarpus, Phalaenopsis, and African Violets. There are the anthurium and the Kalanchoe with their succulent-like plant leaves.

The kalanchoe blooms once a year, but you can expect the flowering houseplant to bloom for a few months. As it has succulent-like foliage, it prefers bright indirect light and keeps the soil moist drying it out between watering.

There are a few flowering houseplants to grow in a home, as follows:

  • Aloe Vera

  • Snake Plant

  • Lucky Bamboo

  • Jade Plant

  • Wandering Jew

  • Peace Lily

Popular houseplants for their flowers are anthurium, peace lilies, and lipstick plants with colorful blooms.

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