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Hi, there Plantly friends, we must agree this year has flown past, and we are already in December, nearing the end of another year. So, many things have happened in our lives, some good and some bad.

Still, we all need some happiness to end and start the new year. So what better way to achieve this is by adding some lucky plants for 2023 to the home atmosphere? Still, why choose lucky plants? We decided on indoor plants as the Chinese New Year also falls in January.

With our Chinese friends, it is a custom to bring certain flowers and plants into the home. According to Feng Shui, the plants for 2023 will bring you happiness, health, success, wealth, and luck.

So, let’s enhance the quality to bring luck into the office and home this coming New Year.

2023 Lucky Plants to Make Your Living Space Trendy

Add some greenery as, according to Feng Shui, these plants will bring luck into your house. Explore our list of lucky plants 2023 to change your living space look and bring growth, bliss, prosperity, and happiness this coming New Year.

Snake Plants For 2023


According to Feng Shui, you can cut off all the bad energy within the house by placing a snake plant on a table or other parts of the home. With the sword-like leaves, it is sure to remove any bad omens.

The best part is it helps filter the indoor air to remove pollutants. It is one of the few plants for 2023 that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. It is ideal to fit in with your bedroom decor to help with healthy airflow.

So bring the snake plant to place in your guests, kids, and your bedroom.

Bamboo For Happiness and Prosperity

lucky bamboo

According to Feng Shui, gifting or bringing lucky bamboo plants into the house is wealth, luck, and prosperity. Your luck relates to the number of stalks available as it grows. With two stems, you get love, while three is a long life with happiness.

Adding another two stems will affect wealth in areas of your life. Now, six stems are also luck and wealth, while only seven are health. So a lucky bamboo with eight stems allows you to grow with nine bringing good luck, and ten is perfection.

If your lucky bamboo has 21 stems, it is a strong blessing. So, gift a person with enough stems accept only four as in the culture it associates with death.

Money Tree Plants

money tree

Everyone wants money, right? Yes, we all do, and a famous plant in Feng Shui traditions is the money tree, also known as the good luck outdoor plant. You can place the money tree on the southeastern side of the house.

According to custom, you will not have any problem with money as the money tree radiates amazing energy bringing prosperity. Moreover, the plant is easy to care for indoors and does not need much water.

Another highlight of this plant is that it is not toxic to humans and pets. The best luck bringing the plant to have in the home.

Crassula or Jade Plant

jade plant

With the gorgeous emerald leaves of the jade plant, you bring wealth and luck with good fortune into the home. It makes for an exceptional housewarming gift. Placed on the southeast side of the home, it helps activate the financial energy with luck.

So, with the Feng Shui custom, take good care of this plant as it will bring you wealth.

Palms Attract Good Energy


Yes, palms are unusual indoor plants as they remove harmful dust from the air. Furthermore, the palm adds a tropical touch to your living space bringing good energy inside the home.


orchid in a pot

Orchids remain beautiful flowers to add to your living space. The flowers represent beauty and love, unity, refinement, and fertility. In the Feng Shui practice, these flowers enhance love and absorb carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen at night into the air. So, it makes for an ideal plant to have in the bedroom.

Birds of Paradise

birds of paradise plant

Okay, if you did not know, even the Birds of Paradise has different symbolism regarding luck. The plant symbolizes paradise, while the flower means freedom and joy. You can find the Birds of Paradise available with different blooms to add to your home this coming New Year.

Herbs For Good Luck and Prosperity


These plants not only add flavor to your food, like basil and rosemary but also brings you health. According to Feng Shui having a string of basil in the wallet will bring you money, and keeping it outside forces evil out. The good news is that basil is easy to cultivate in a pot.

Another plant that thrives indoors is rosemary, adding flavor to many dishes. It also brings you good luck and is a beautiful decorative plant. With rosemary in the home, it brings abundance and pleasure.

Final Thought

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, the above plants for 2023 will bring some color to your home. To bring wealth and prosperity, you can also add some flowers in a vase like peonies, white magnolia, or daffodils.

You never know that the Feng Shui traditions of adding these plants might even be true. You will never know if you do not add these plants or flowers to the home. Indeed, they are attractive to grow as houseplants, even if you do not believe in the Feng Shui myths of luck.

Want to add these plants to your collection check out each one at Plantly to find one for your home.

Whether you want to buy, sell or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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