Houseplant Trends In 2023

Are you looking to buy new plants this year? Then discover some of the latest houseplant trends for 2023 with us!

Yes, like fashion trends, you also find indoor plant trends available. We have selected a few plants here to feed this year’s plant lovers’ needs.

We have also included a section on what plant trends you can expect and why plant collectors choose these beautiful selections.

Social Media’s Influence

social media influence in houseplant trends

Unusual plants have taken social media by storm on platforms like Instagram. You see gorgeous photography of houseplants to inspire you to collect your plants. It is a massive boom made possible by millennials.

Millennials have brought over the idea for many people to start plant parenting. As a result, the entire platform’s filled with Gen Z-ers and Millennials showing off well-cared-for plants. In addition, the plant parents are reaching out to others to share their plant floral presentations and knowledge.

For this reason, social media greatly influences these trends. This brings us to the next question. What types of plants are people looking for to fit in with their home décor?

Popular Houseplants People Are Looking For

Common houseplants have always been popular as we have a primal connection with nature. Plants in living spaces improve your mental and physical well-being, enhancing your living and working environments. For this reason, people want to create living artwork in indoor spaces with the following plants.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Cultivars For Plant Parents

indoor potted snake plant near a glass window

More people are starting to live a sustainable life with climate change by choosing eco-friendly plants and products, and the same goes for houseplants. They want plants with bold foliage, like variegated plants bringing color into their home and work environment.

In addition, these plants need to be easy to care for with minimal watering needs and withstand temperatures indoors like the snake plant.

Air Purifying Plants Like The Snake plants and Pothos

indoor potted pothos plant

Another famous plant trends are the air-purifying plant trend for removing toxins from the air. Hence, all your photosynthesis plants, like the snake plant, take in carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins.

Some other plants accomplish this well, like the English ivy, pothos, and peace lily.

Health Benefits

Still, people want to create an atmosphere that is healthy to live in, and plants provide many health benefits.

Gardening makes you relax, and plants make you feel comfortable looking at them in a living space. Hence they also help with mental health.

From unique plants to common ones, add color to a relaxing atmosphere. Plants placed in the bedroom purify the air quality helping you to sleep better, leading to a healthy living style.

Aesthetic With Unique Patterns Making For Statement Foliage-Like Variegated Plants

peace lily in a white pot with white wall background

Some well-liked plants are natural treasures to add texture and paint colors to your home decor. Cultivars that come to mind are your peace lilies, purple passion plant, staghorn fern, and variegated plants like the variegated white bird.

Pet-Friendly Plants

indoor spider plant in a white ceramic pot with wooden catch plate

When choosing a popular houseplant, the first thing on top of mind if you have pets, is having pet-friendly plants. You can easily follow houseplant trends for 2023, but buying a spider plant instead of a rubber plant makes sense. Spider plants thrive best in bright indirect light but can also tolerate low-light settings.

There are many houseplants, but these plants contain toxic substances that can harm your pets.

Low Light and Drought Tolerant Houseplants

flowering peace lily plant

Choose indoor plants that can handle indoor lighting conditions. In urban life, buildings do not receive much natural light, and these plants must adapt to artificial light. Bright indirect light makes these plants happy and thriving yet they can tolerate low to medium light as well.

Thus the plant needs to thrive in the same way as outdoors. One such plant that comes to mind is the peace lily that can survive in low light. Another concern is watering plants when you have a busy life.

Hence, people invest in drought-tolerant plants like cacti or succulents in the houseplant world. Here we think of the asparagus fern that grows well as a ground cover and in containers.

Feng Shui Plants Trend

indoo money tree foliage

We all want a bit of luck and fortune in our lives. According to Feng Shui, you can find houseplants that bring luck into our living spaces. These good luck plants direct the natural flower of energy.

These plants help relieve stress and purify the air while bringing wealth and good fortune into your life. We think of bamboo, jade, olive, and the money tree.

2023 Houseplant Trends

If you want to get on board with the trend and do not have any of the following plants, it is time to get them. You can find these indoor plants locally or order them online to ship to your door!

Large Indoor Plants

large birds of paradise plant near a window @danielfoster large birds of paradise plant near a window @danielfoster

Add a tree-like plant to make a statement in your business or home. When placed in a prominent spot, these plants add drama to a space, like near a window or in a corner with bright indirect light.

A tree like the olive with its green leaves will become a focal significance in a room and creates a visual impact serving a practical purpose. You can even define your space or separate spaces to create a privacy screen with large indoor plants.

Another plant trend is bringing in the Bird of Paradise plant with its bright color that grows tall standing in a corner. The Bird of Paradise is a low-maintenance cultivar that adds a tropical flair to the home. You can place your Bird of Paradise plant at a south-facing window to enjoy the light.

Still, suppose you prefer not to buy the Bird of Paradise plant. In that case, you have other options like the cat palm or a tall White Aspen Dracaena to the Monstera Deliciosa and the Cool Beauty Dieffenbachia or the fiddle leaf fig tree.

Snake Plants Is a Huge Houseplant Trend

indoor snake plant in a white ceramic pot and white background

While the snake plant is great at absorbing carbon dioxide, it does not need a lot of natural light to live. The plant does not need much bright light and thrives on little water. You can find different cultivars available in shapes, sizes, and colors.

Other low-light houseplants that come to mind are spider plants, even if they love bright indirect light.

Cacti and Succulent

indoor houseplants in ceramic pots

The trend does not only focus on the corners close to windows but adding small cacti to succulents on tables. We think of panda plants that are low-maintenance houseplants but love bright indirect light on a window sill.

Or you can invest in aloe vera, a string of pearls, or small cacti plants. The thick leaves store water on these plants and work perfectly if you have a busy schedule. These are low-growing succulents taking up little space.

The African milk tree (Euphorbia trigona) cactus can also give a focal point to your indoor decorations. This unique plant is a low-maintenance plant with thick, upright stems and small leaves. African milk tree thrives in various light conditions, requires infrequent watering, and is drought-tolerant.

With minimal care and occasional pruning, the African milk tree adds exotic beauty to any indoor or outdoor space.

Colorful Calathea Foliage

rattlesnake calathea

The Calathea, known as the Rattlesnake plant, comes to mind regarding indoor plant trends. A prayer plant opens its leaves during the day to close them at night. Calathea prefers bright indirect light. They can also survive in low to medium light conditions in your home.

Orchids Are a Popular Houseplant Trend

white flowering indoor orchid

Orchids are a longtime, tropical houseplant trend, and even more in 2023 as it is the flower of the year. You can find some unique species that are not difficult to care for, like the Moth Orchid. It has green foliage with stylish yet elegant blooms that last for months.

If you live in the Eastern region, you can visit Atlanta Botanical Garden for they have one of the largest orchid collections anywhere in the world, inside the Fuqua Orchid Center.

Pothos and Vining Philodendrons

indoor vining plants

Trailing plants is also on trend when it comes to houseplants. We think of the vining Philodendron to arrowhead vine to the golden pothos with golden hues. The houseplant easily adapts to any home style.

Another breathtaking plant that vines are the Philodendron Brasil, which looks like a painter painted the leaves. It looks great in a boho interior with a vibrant golden color. Or you can invest in the spectacular variegated English ivy that climbs along any support provided.

Both pothos and philodendrons prefer bright indirect light and a light-well-draining potting mix.

Fruit-Bearing Trees

indoor orange tree

Even your tree-like statement plants that bear fruit are a houseplant trend this year. Fruit-bearing trees do more than look pretty; they provide delicious fruit you can eat. We think of the Barbados cherry, a superfood packed with Vitamin C in those red berries.

You can grow the tree indoors to display pink blooms in spring, followed by delicious cherries. For the best fruit, you can place your tree on a sunny patio or the balcony in the warm months. Then add the Calamondin orange that easily bears fruits indoors.

indoor bonsai berry tree

It bears fragrant white blooms with sour lime-sized fruits year-round. Lastly, the fig tree variety, like the Petite Negra, grows less than 12 inches tall. It produces dark purple figs.

Vegetables and Herbs

indoor herbs

Last on the list of houseplant trends for 2023 is growing herbs and vegetables indoors. You have the rise of micro gardening, which is easy to grow certain herbs and vegetables. Alternatively, you can start a hydroponic system at home to grow leafy greens, celery, tomatoes, and more.

So check out our article on Indoor Gardening with Hydroponics on how to start your own indoor herb plantation.

Final Thought

These are some of the garden trends for 2023 to give you some inspiration when it comes to growing houseplants. Whether you follow the trend or not, adding some greenery to your living space ensures you have vibrant colors with loads of health benefits included. Just make sure you give these gorgeous friends a bright, indirect light, a well-draining mix, and occasional fertilizing and you’ll be surprised with a healthy growth.

So start your collection with us today at Plantly.

Whether you want to buy, sell, or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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