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After you start caring for succulents, you will wonder where they have been your entire life. But, the fact is that once you lay your eyes on the succulent garden selection, we have here, you will be in love.

All the colorful succulents on our list have plump leaves that store water. Hence, it becomes an absentminded gardener’s dream. Give them some well-drained soil with direct sunlight, and they will look healthy or even better.

Why? Stressors that can harm most other plants, like too much bright light, heat, cold, or drought, make your colorful succulents come alive. You see vivid spectrums of pink, red, purple, yellow, to orange displayed with more heat present.

As a bonus, you find most succulents are spring to winter bloomers, but you will need to bring your plant indoors to protect them from the cold. In return, you get flower fixes displayed in different shades from pink, red, and purple to orange flowers.

So, are you ready to become a succulent garden sucker with easy care and striking hues to choose from? Then brace yourself for a magical journey when looking at the best colorful succulents on our list.

Colorful Succulents for Your Succulent Garden

colorful succulent plants

Many succulents give you easy care, but the following offer you more than just low maintenance. They present you with fabulous color treats in rock gardens, hanging baskets, to standing on a table.

Sticks on Fire

Euphorbia tirucalli sticks on fire succulent plant

The Euphorbia tirucalli, better known as the sticks on fire, grows with branching vertical stems. Each stem grows about a diameter similar to a pencil. The fact is that when you have this succulent growing in your rock garden, it looks as if it belongs underneath the sea.

The red pencil plant tips in winter change color from red to yellow in summer. Still, be aware of the stems as they can irritate the skin when broken with the sap oozing out. So, for the height and shape.

It will also become a thriller in a container with the colors changing for a magical display.

California Sunset

Graptosedum California Sunset

The Graptosedum California Sunset is an Echeveria-like plant with a rosette form. The main attraction of this succulent plant is the orange-to-pink color. It has green leaves with pastel pink blushes on the edges, looking like a sunset.

It does best with bright sunlight in the morning, placed in a rocky to sandy solid. The California Sunset does not do well in partial shade as the colorful display will fade. When grown in a rock garden, it gifts you with white flowers in early spring.

Purple Beauty

Sempervivum tectorum

The Sempervivum tectorum, or purple beauty, is another rosette-formed succulent with purple leaves. When placed in bright light outdoors, those vivid colors stand out for all to see. The succulents tend to be frost-hardy, so you need not concern yourself much with overwintering.

Another popular name for the plant is hens and chicks, as it produces offspring known as chicks. You can place your colorful succulents in a large planter outdoors. Another bonus is when it blooms, it displays a pink flower.

Campfire Plant

Crassula capitella

With the Crassula capitella or the campfire plant, you can make a bold statement when using it as a ground cover.

The plant has fleshy leaves that are bright red for storing water, but it cannot withstand cold temperatures in cooler months. During summer, you see a display of dainty flowers in white, and they even look great in a container garden.

So, for a pop of color, why not invest in this gorgeous plant?

Echeveria’ Wine Red’

Echeveria agavoides

The Echeveria agavoides or wine red succulent plant displays bright red colors on the whole plant.

With the full sun, it turns to beautiful wine red tints and is a rare plant. So, give this baby four to six hours of sun to make it look fabulous.

With regular watering in spring and summer, those round leaves will become nice and plump, keeping the plant’s color on full display.

Sunset Jade

jade sunset red succulent plant

When growing succulents, the Crassula ovata ‘Hummel’s Sunset’ is a must-have for those cooler months. The leaves turn to a bright gold nugget center from fall to winter with ochre margins. You will also see a display of white flowers with a tinge of lavender.

It has green leaves when placed in partial shade, but the foliage becomes a colorful display in the sun. Another impressive thing is it has a tree which makes for an exceptional bonsai specimen.

Blue Chalksticks Love Direct Sunlight

The Senecio serpents have fleshy leaves, making them ideal for growing as ground cover. You can balance out the colorful succulents in the garden with the plant. The blue-green leaves have a hue of purple when exposed to direct sunlight.

With the full sun in summer, you see a display of white blooms.

Santa Rita Prickly Pear

Opunta Santa Rita prickly pear cactus

The Opunta Santa Rita prickly pear is a colorful succulent you can grow in a container or outdoors. The leaves have a violet to pinkish-red color and grow upright with fleshy pads.

When it blooms, you see beautiful yellow flowers creating an interest for all to see. You can also grow it in your rock garden or cactus garden.

The important thing is to allow the well-drained soil to dry between watering or the purple color fades.

Paddle Plant or Desert Cabbage

Kalanchoe luciae 

Kalanchoe luciae has flat paddle-like leaves hence giving it the name paddle plant. It is also referred to as the desert cabbage or even flipping flapjacks.

The paddle plant can grow six inches in diameter with a blazing red tint from the tips downwards. With added sun and cold, the colors become more vibrant.

You see pale yellow blooms on the fiery leaves from winter to spring. This is one stunning colorful succulent plant.

Baby’s Necklace

Crassula rupestris subsp

When you look at the Crassula rupestris subsp, marnieriana looks different when it grows compared to other succulents. The leaves have a geometric shape but need some protection from the sun.

Hence, it grows best in partial shades as it will reward you with a gorgeous rosy blush. In winter, you see white flowers emerging from the leaf strands. When grown in a container in the front of the middle, those leave and strands turn upwards, looking like eels.

Morning Beauty Echeveria

Echeveria Morning Beauty

The Echeveria Morning Beauty is a stunning cultivar that is easy to grow with low maintenance. It prefers a rich soil with organic matter compared to most succulents. The plant thrives in bright indirect light and has powdery leaves opening like a lotus blossom.

Hence, the leaves have a blue glow tint with green.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most colorful succulents you can find, but there are many more to add to your collection. Now, if you want to add a mix to the above color display, the red salad bowl is a worthy mention at the end.

The plant prefers some shade with high humidity but remains easy to grow. The Aeonium urbicum rubrum grows in a rosette form with read-green colors to give a succulent container a class of its own.

Thus if you want to add hens and chicks, blue spruce, zebra plant, or any of the colorful succulents on the list, then browse through the Plantly collection, as you never know what other plants you can find.

Whether you want to buy, sell or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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