The Best Plant Gifts For Mother’s Day 2023

Wow, here at Plantly, we cannot believe how time has flown, and Mother’s Day is already here.

Yes, it is that time of year to spoil Mom by giving her flowers or other gifts. But we all can agree when you gift a bouquet; you find they wither and die.

So instead, change up your gift-giving tradition this year with a Mother’s Day plant. Potted plants make for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

So if you want an ideal Mother’s Day gift, keep reading as you can surprise Mom by having a Mother’s Day delivery done with us here at Plantly.

We have selected the best gift for you to brighten Mom’s day.

Ideal Mother’s Day Plant Delivery

Regarding Mother’s Day plants, you only want the best for her. We have selected different Mother’s Day plant gifts for you. Choose flowering, indoor, or outdoor plants for Mom today and have them delivered to her.

Make this May one to remember; surprise Mom with beautiful houseplants.

Azaleas Are The Best Flowering Plants For Mother’s Day

azalea with purple blooms

The azalea is a fabulous present for Mom as it flowers around the same time as Mother’s Day. It is one of the most popular plants to gift mom with this year. These plants display beautiful colors and differ from outdoor plants as you can grow them as houseplants.

It is a perfect choice as you can choose from deep purple to blushing pink or even white. Still, these thirsty plants need a lot of water during the flowering season. Also, do not allow more than the top inch of soil to dry out.

To make things simpler, you can grow them as bonsai trees. So grab a packet of Pink Azalea bonsai seeds with a bonsai pot and some soil for mom to grow her plants.

Orchids Are Great Mother’s Day Plants

flowering orchid for mom on mothers day

Nothing makes for a great Mother’s Day gift than orchids. You can find them in a wide selection and trendy house plants for Mother’s Day.

Your mom will thank you on this special day as these unique plants bring beauty to the home and make great gifts. Whether mom has a green thumb or not, it will inspire her creativity. Still, the flower has a bit of a reputation as it is not easy to care for.

But once mom learns the trick, she will have a flower with long-lasting beauty in her home. Orchids need bright indirect sunlight and are best kept in a clear pot to give the roots light.

It is a perfect plant that does not need much water, and a clear sign to show it is time to water is when the roots change from bright green to silver grey. These blooming plants symbolize luxury, beauty, love, and strength.

Everything that your mother is to you.

Succulents are Popular Mother’s Day Plants

potte succulent plant for mothers day

Whether you want to gift mom with an outdoor or indoor plant, the succulent potted plant is an exceptional gift. You can find them as blooming plants like the holiday plant collection with the renowned Christmas cactus and so much more.

Hence, you can expect some colorful blooms from these green plants. These plants can handle indirect light, while others prefer more direct sunlight. Choose from a wide selection of Mother’s Day gifts.

Another extraordinary thing is that succulents are easy to care for with minimal watering when grown in a pot.

Kalanchoe The Best Mother’s Day Present

flowering kalanchoe for mother's day

The Flaming Katy we must mention as it is one spectacular succulent compared to gifting flowers. Still, the Kalanchoe you find has fleshy leaves, and grown under the right conditions, it will gift you a flower.

It is a great choice as you can find a wide variety, like the Paddle Plant, also known as the Flapjack, with an unusual appearance. These houseplants can last for years and thrive in a lot of light.

Still, avoid direct light in the afternoon, as the leaves can become scorched. Most importantly, only water when the top few inches of the soil are dry. Or you can refer Mom to our Kalanchoe care guide here.

These plants are ideal for busy moms as they are not fussy and will brighten up their day.

Jasmine Mothers Day Plant

jasmine with white blooms

If you want the best plants for Mother’s Day, nothing will send a special message like a new plant, especially the Jasmine. Like the Star Jasmine, these plants are climbers making for a perfect gift.

You can invest in a shape hoop to pair the plant with if you want your mom to have something different, giving it an ornamental look. The jasmine flowers also smell lovely and are relaxing for busy moms.

Still, mom needs to place her plant gift where she will not forget about it as it needs regular misting. To help boost the flowering, mom can feed her Jasmine with a liquid fertilizer every three weeks in spring and summer.

Picking the Best Mother’s Day Plant

woman in a blue dress in  a nursery plant shopping

When picking the best plants for Mother’s Day, it helps to choose one that fits in with your mother’s personality and living space. You can visit your local nurseries you simply checking our website for more customized and hassle-free plant shopping.

Are Your Moms Plant Lovers

If your mum is a plant lover, but the options above do not seem right for her. You can find perfect Mother’s Day plants to other choices in our Plantly shop now.

Why not gift your mom with the best plant supports for her trailing plants? Alternatively, if a plant gift is not your desire, you can choose pots, terrariums, DIY Cacti Garden Kits, macrame plant hangers, and more.

Great, now you have a selection of plants for Mother’s Day with some other optional choices. We are sure you will impress your mom this Mother’s Day. Plants make a great gift and are affordable compared to cut flowers.

Not only do plants look great, but they bring a lot of health benefits to the home.

Whether you want to buy, sell, or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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