Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2022

We can all agree with the US Former First Lady Michelle Obama when she stated that “My mother’s love has always been a sustaining force for our family, and one of my greatest joys is seeing her integrity, her compassion, her intelligence reflected in my daughters.”

Truly, our mothers play a critical role in our overall being, the way we live, and the way we relate with others. And they certainly deserve much more than a day of celebration.

What is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s day is a holiday in which we celebrate mom, as well as the love and the bond we get to share with them.

The concept of celebrating Mother’s Day was born in the early 1900s, through Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis (a well-known social activist and community organizer). The main idea was to establish a day to honor mothers and their sacrifices for their children.

Today, this has become one of the most widely recognized holidays around the world – commemorating all mother’s efforts and hard work.

When do we celebrate mother’s day?

May 8 mothers day

While Mother’s day falls typically on the second Sunday of May, the holiday occurs on different dates across countries. This year, it will be on May 8, 2022.

This annual recognition of all mother’s around the world is an important avenue to show them our appreciation for their role in what is considered the hardest job in the world.

How to Celebrate Mother’s day?

Truly, there’s no love greater than a mother’s love. So be extra and grab some ideas for mother’s day activities to show her how much she means to you!

Prepare breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

Let your mother know how special she is by preparing her a special meal which may include her favorite dish. Since her typical day consists of cooking food for the family and doing other chores, why not let this day be her rest day and cook meals for her instead. Nothing shouts effort with a sweetly prepared breakfast in bed!

Spend quality time with the whole family

family time

All mother loves their children so much that nothing could be as precious as spending time with them. That’s why on her day, she’ll love nothing more than to see her family gathered together.

Organize any fun mother’s day activity with the other family member, such as setting up a game night or paint night, going on a picnic, watching movies, baking together, treating her to a spa day, and gardening!

If your mom lives far away from you, don’t forget to ring her up, and even better set up a video call so she can still see you virtually.

Treat her to her favorite local restaurant

restaurant treat

Another mother’s day gift may also include treating her to her favorite local restaurant. For her, it will be more than a celebration, but is also a way of creating more family memories.

For the past year, it has been challenging to mark occasions given the heavy restrictions due to the pandemic. Thankfully at present, with a little ease on restrictions, treating her to a sumptuous meal becomes possible with local restaurants near you.

Give her fresh flowers

flowers for mother

Of course, her day can be made more special by giving her fresh flowers. Other moms who are also into outdoor plants may find it enjoyable to attend a flower arranging class with their loved ones. Another fun activity is to guide her on a virtual tour of some of the world’s best gardens.

Flower Ideas for mother’s day

For more gift ideas, below is a list of some of the equally gorgeous flowers that you can give your mom – so she’ll have a blast.



Pink carnations are said to represent a mother’s pure and never-ending love. This beautiful spring flower carries a significant meaning pertaining to life with its different colors. White carnations honor those mothers who have passed away, while pink-colored carnations celebrate those mothers who are still living.

Carnations are considered the official flower for mother’s day, and throughout history, the flower has been recognized to represent all virtues of motherhood.

Also, these flowers signify gratitude. Thus, carnation made it to the top of the list because there’s no better way to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the love our mothers have showered us.



Nothing beats a classy bouquet of roses to make someone feel special. And every mother deserves the same. Choose a pink set of roses as this represents genuine love, recognition, and gratitude.

Also, pink roses are a good reminder for most mothers who may have lost their feminine side due to all the work required in the household. Pink roses ideally represent femininity, refinement, sweetness, and elegance.



Floss flower or Ageratums is a pompom-shaped focal flower and is the perfect gift for moms who like flowering pot plants that has a long blooming period. Ageratums are usually given to someone a person respects greatly and finds honorable.



Amaryllis or Belladonna Lily flowers are a perfect and elegant gift for mothers who adore a ravishing flora. Amaryllis are believed to symbolize strength and pride as it typically persists and stand tall above all other winter blooms.

Certainly, there’s no better day to take pride in our mothers, celebrate their strengths, and acknowledge all their sacrifices.



Anemones, also known as Windflowers, are often used in floral arrangements. With its fragile and delicate beauty, it is often mixed with other cut flowers like roses and daffodils.

Try to create an arrangement of your own and pair it with any homemade gift for your mother. Anemones are said to be a symbol of relaxation and ‘enjoying the moment.’ So she will definitely cherish such a gesture on her special day!

Calla Lilies

calla lilies flower arrangement

Calla lilies truly resonate with the Mother’s day celebration due to the sweet and delicate flowers that may be arranged into a bouquet. Calla lilies are expressive flowers and are often depicted in images of Mother Mary. Therefore, Cala lilies may be attributed to the sacrificial love of a mother.



Campanulas have bluish-purple dainty flowers that symbolize gratitude and everlasting love. This perennial may be given as a gift set along with a box of chocolate to give mom on mother’s day. Unlike other cut flowers that tend to wilt fast, Campanulas bloom longer.



Clematises or Leather Flower is a hybrid climbing perennial that blooms in spring and early summer. If your mom likes potted indoor plants to add to her collection, the Clematises are your best option.

This beaut will certainly make your mom feel all the love and adoration of her family year-round – as the plant have a rather long life span.



Daffodils are usually the first to set flowers in spring, indicating the passing of winter. Hence, they tend to represent rebirth and a new beginning. In this case, a lovely bouquet of daffodils is a perfect gift for new and incoming mothers.

Gerbera Daisies

gerbera daisy

Generally, Gerbera daisies are a staple on any occasion. In arrangements, they are often used as a secondary flower alongside the primary or focal flowers such as tulips, roses, and sunflowers.

Red and pink are quite the most popular. Red is said to represent love, while pink connotes admiration and gratitude. A fresh mix of Gerbera daisies along with the favorite flower of your mother will surely delight her senses.



If you’re looking for a mellow but fairly gorgeous bouquet to give your mom, Lisianthus is your best option. This tender perennial boasts a beautiful long-stemmed flower opening in cymes.

Lisianthus is given to express gratefulness, respect, love, and acknowledgment. That’s why it’s also often used in family affairs such as weddings, birthdays, and mother’s day.



Aside from roses, another flower that will certainly bombard your local farmers’ market on Mother’s day is the sunflowers. After all, this focal flower symbolizes adoration, loyalty, and longevity.

There’s no argument that a cheery bouquet of sunflowers makes for the best mother’s day gift given its representation of the Sun – how our mother guides and provides us light in all aspects of our lives.



The most popular and perhaps the most relevant meaning of tulips for mother’s day is a ‘perfect and deep’ form of love.

For centuries, the flower is highly connected to a display of great affection and unconditional love. Plus you can never go wrong with these solitary bell-shaped flowers that come in various colors. Pink and yellow tulips are often associated with the joy of motherhood.



Potted or arranged in a bouquet, anthuriums are quite phenomenal. It is reported to be long lasting than any other flowering houseplants. The brightly colored appendages or spathe is what really draws us towards anthurium because the real flowers are small and are embedded in an outward projection called spadix.

The flower signifies long-lasting love and friendship. And since it is no denying that a mother is your first and forever friend, they too deserve such recognition through a dazzling set of anthurium!

Go to yoga class with your mom

yoga with mom

Some other ways that you can celebrate mother’s day is going to a yoga class with your mom and other family members. That way she becomes aligned with her inner wellness and your bond become stronger than ever.

Other ways to Pamper Her

Relaxation – Because material gifts will not be enough to appreciate all her effort, pamper your mom even more and take her to a massage parlor. Accompany her to a brunch and ask her what she wants to do for her special day.

Quality time – Spend time and prepare your mom’s favorite films and other old home videos that you can watch together. You can also organize a fun photoshoot so she’ll have more snaps to add to the family photos. Memories and the chance to create one are often the ‘best gift’.

Special messages – Should you decide to give her flowers, be sure to slip in a special message to tell her how much you love her and how grateful you are for all the things she’s doing. More creative ways to celebrate mother’s day include preparing a presentation of all greetings coming from all family members.

A bit of Luxury – All mothers deserve the best, just as they wish they can give their kids everything. So if you can go the extra mile, buy your mom something that she wouldn’t usually buy for herself, say a perfume that costs a bit more than her usual. An adorable bag that she can use on a daily basis, or some piece of clothing that you can find on one of the folded pages in her favorite magazine.

Looking for more ways to pamper your mom on Mother’s day? Discover more fresh gift ideas here on Plantly.

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