Ways to Celebrate Love a Tree Day

On May 16th, we celebrate National Love A Tree Day. Trees are recognized as beautiful gifts for us for a good reason as they provide us oxygen to survive. Another great thing is that this special day also falls on Garden for Wildlife Month.

So, why not celebrate it with Plantly as we dedicate this special day to our trees to show how much we appreciate them.

National Love a Tree Day Background

love a tree day

Trees are one of the oldest living species on Mother Earth, with a long lifespan. The first-ever found species on Earth 400 million years ago was the Cladoxylopsida. Other trees today, also known as very old, are tree ferns, lycophytes, and horsetails.

Still, why dedicate a special day to trees. Well, trees provide us with loads of benefits. The truth is without them. We will not exist. When you plant trees, they provide you with shade and water vapor and attract wildlife.

Trees become a birdhouse in your garden, and with a bird feeder, your landscaping becomes a natural wonder. But, without trees, our environment will suffer, and now is the time to become more environmentally conscious about them to make our world a better place.

So, why not become a tree hugger today to create a forest land with just beautiful landscapes for our kids in the future. Or better yet create an indoor garden for your indoor plants and trees to create an urban, jungle vibe in your home. With National Love a Tree Day, there are many things you can do to celebrate trees giving us life to keep living.

Celebrate National Love a Tree Day Ideas

Okay, so why celebrate tree day. We can give you many reasons why you will soon start to hug a tree. Trees are our water-cleaning powerhouses as they absorb and filter lots of rain to provide us with more drinking water we need.

Not only do they provide us with oxygen and water having a few trees near the home can keep your house cool. One way of maintaining healthy neighborhoods is to increase the canopy by planting trees. With more trees, it means cleaner air for you and your family.

The best part of all is that trees bring people together and build a healthier community no matter where you live. Here are some great ways you can spend your National Love a Tree Day to play your part in ensuring that our trees keep living.

Plant Trees

tree planting

You can plant some native trees in your garden or community landscaping. There are many places you can find native trees available, even here with us at Plantly. You can make it a family day outdoors to choose a sapling, pick the best spot, the mulch, and add it to your landscaping.

A small reminder is to remember to give it some fertilizer for healthy growth. Trees in the landscaping will help block sunlight and save you money on your utility bill in summer. In addition, one tree can provide a cooling effect of ten air conditioners running twenty hours a day.

A healthy tree also stores up to 13 pounds of carbon yearly and helps offset the buildup of CO2 in the air to reduce greenhouse effects. Still, while planting your trees, you can make it a day to remove dead twigs and add mulch to suppress weeds around your other trees.

Remove Invasive Plants

removing invasive plants

A great way to ensure that your tree will produce oxygen for you to live and thrive is by removing invasive, outdoor plants growing around them. For example, an English Ivy competes with trees for nutrients, space, and water. Hence, look for any invasive species that can affect your trees’ well-being.

Give Your Love a Tree Day Trees a Cooldrink

child watering a tree

Okay, this might seem strange, but you are not giving them a beverage to drink. But when it comes to educating little ones, this is a great way to do it. You can explain to your kids that, like humans, all trees also get thirsty.

So to honor arbor day, show children trees water by Taking an empty container with water outside to a tree or the nearest park to show how they can quench their leafy friend’s thirst. Make sure to saturate the soil around the tree well but do it slowly for the water to reach deep down to the roots.

Literally, Hug a Tree

hug a tree

Okay, we are not saying going out to the park to hug a tree. You can do this in your landscaping as now is the best time. Shower your trees with tender loving care to show your affection.

You can give the vital part a pruning to remove damaged branches and twigs. Also, look for diseases and pests in the hot months.

A bit of TLC goes a long way. As you know, they play a significant role in our lives.

Buy Tree-Friendly Products and Recycle

recycle plastic materials

National Love a Tree Day is the perfect time to educate your children on how beneficial recycling plastic, paper, and glass is. You can start by making categorized bins for your recycling projects.

You can get the kids to decorate each bin with an image of what they see inside. These recycled containers will remain a reminder of where they can throw in the specific recycled products. Another great way is to invest in buying eco-friendly products that are tree-friendly.

So, start today by saving the planet’s trees.

Educate Yourself and Others About the Importance of Trees

importance of trees education

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about the importance of trees in urban areas, the better you can teach others. Once you research what a wonderful gift a tree is, then chat about it with family and friends.

You can present a presentation in your kid’s class. Or gather with friends around a fire on National Love a Tree Day with some storytelling. Chat about the forest land, park, orchard, and trees’ role in keeping humans and animals alive.

Make a Gift For Your Trees

bird tree house

Trees are beautiful creations providing us with an excellent place to relax and for the children to play. So gather under your tree at home and ask your children to identify the animals living in them.

Let them think about all the birds that the tree attracts in those lofty branches. You can build a treehouse together or hang a feeder on the lower limb for the birds to eat. Imagine what a perfect tree gift will be to attract wildlife to your landscaping.

Whether you want to buy, sell or simply reach out to other plant enthusiasts, Plantly is the right place to be!

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