What Causes Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily Leaves Turns Yellow

Peace lilies bring forth classic blooms often confused by gardeners as flowers with broad tropical leaves. This plant is not demanding to care for and makes for an attractive indoor plant for beginners. But sometimes, your plant suffers from yellowing leaves resulting from different things.

Today, we will provide you with some solutions if your peace lily plant has yellow leaves.

What are Peace Lilies and Their Benefits

peace lily

The Spathiphyllum or peace lily is famous for indoor or outdoor plants. As a houseplant, they are easy to care for. The green leaves with white blooms stand out, but the flower is a leaf brack growing hooded over the bud.

Your plant thrives in medium to low light and depends on what you want your plant to look like. When placed in more light, you get gorgeous white spathes, while in low light, the blooms look like the foliage on the plant. Furthermore, these beautiful plants come with loads of benefits.

Air Purifier 

The main benefit of peace lilies is their air-purifying benefits for our human health. So, as an indoor plant, they help remove harmful gasses present in your home. Thus, they can reduce up to 60% of pollutants in your living space.

Provides Low Maintenance 

The peace lily can survive in low light and even thrives if you forget to water them. In addition, it adds an excellent look to your decor with its glossy green foliage and white brackets.

The Lily Absorbs Acetone Vapors 

Yes, your lily protects you from harmful vapors found in your products. So, you can place this gorgeous plant in your home to remove the vapors of alcohol and acetone or any other products from paints to varnishes.

Promotes Sleep 

Peace lily in your bedroom promotes peaceful sleep when you’re suffering from a sleeping disorder. You can enjoy a good night’s rest. It makes your decor look fabulous while filtering the air.

Other Benefits of The Peace Lily 

  • Spruces up the decor in your home with beauty
  • Prevents the formation of mildew as the plant absorbs excess moisture while removing mold spores in the air

Why Does The Peace Lily Leaves Turn Yellow

yellowleaves peace lily

Do your peace lily yellow leaves start to make your plant look sick? Several reasons can cause yellow leaves in your plant.

The good news is treating these issues is not that difficult but can take some time to see results. But first, you need to understand what is causing peace lily plants to have yellow leaves.

Top 8 Reasons for Peace Lily Yellow Leaves

peace lily dying

Overwatering Peace Lilies 

Overwatering peace lilies is one of the biggest reasons the leaves turn yellow. Unfortunately, it is a common problem with most indoor plants. When there is too much wetness near the roots, it deprives them of oxygen delivery and can lead to root rot.

We recommend checking the soil between watering to feel if the top inch is dry. Another concern is to check if the container has a well-draining mix with enough drainage holes. Finally, when you water your plant, make sure that the water drains freely and remove the excess water.

Lack of Fertilizer 

Your indoor peace lily can thrive without too much feeding as they need some nutrition for surviving. But when these tropical plants start showing leaf yellowing, it can be a lack of nitrogen.

Another cause can result in the lack of iron or magnesium that is easier to spot. The leaves turn yellow with the latter’s absence, but the veins remain green.

Natural Aging

A natural process is the aging of your lily, and the leaves start turning yellow or brown eventually, it dies. When you notice the lower leaves turning yellow, you can remove them using your pruning shears.


watering peace lily

While the peace lily is not sensitive, plants to drought underwatering them can also lead to leaves wilting and turning yellow. This is because your plant needs regular watering and depriving them of water causes the leaves to fall off.

Too Much Light

Peace lilies thrive in shaded areas, and they flourish in low to medium light for producing those gorgeous blooms. Yet, when your plant stands in too much direct sunlight, the leaves turn yellow, with the veins remaining green.

Too Little Light

peace lily in low light condition

Peace lilies thrive in shaded areas on the forest floor in their natural habitat and can stand in a dim corner with some filtered sunlight. But when they do not get enough light, they do not produce blooms. Furthermore, it can result in the lily leaves turning yellow.

Temperature and Humidity

Peace lily leaves turning yellow can also result from a draft or extreme temperature change. Your plant flourishes in temperatures between 65°-85° Fahrenheit. When temperatures drop below this, it starts causing damage.

When temperatures drop, you can place your plant outdoors in warmer months and bring them inside. Always put your peace lily indoors in a spot free of cold drafts.


Your peace lilies do not need repotting often, but it still needs space to grow with enough nutrients in the ground to flourish. So, when the time comes to transplant, your lily transplant shock can cause yellowing leaves. Yet, if the lily has a healthy root system, it should handle transplanting well.

The best time to repot is in spring before the growing season. Then, when you detect yellow leaves, you can remove them.

Taking Care of Your Peace Lily

peace lilies

As you can see, many things can cause yellowing leaves in your peace lily. So, to prevent this from happening, try not to overwater or underwater your plant. Instead, provide your lily with enough light and keep them safe from drafts.

Furthermore, prune away the yellow peace lily leaves using sterilized tools to prevent the spreading of diseases. Also, remember to repot your lily into a sterilized pot with new soil and the nutrients it needs. By following the mentioned causes and steps, you can determine what is causing lily leaves to turn yellow to prevent it in the future.

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