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About Acacia:

Acacias are a large genus of shrubs and trees that grow in warm climates such as Hawaii, Mexico, and the southwestern United States. Acacia genus is commonly known as Mimosa, Acacias, Thorntree, and Wattle. It belongs to the family of Pea Family, also known as Fabaceae. This genus has 160 species members making it a small genus. If you are looking for Acacia plants for sale online, Plantly is the perfect place. Check out different species and order your favorite ones now!

Acacia Care:

Acacia plants prefer illuminated places with extra lighting in winter. It requires watering 1-2 times a week which changes to once a week in winter. These plants have yellow flowers and are affected by spider mites, aphids, and chervets. Some of the species can be harmful to animals as well.

Acacia lovers have a special place in their hearts for these species and are always ready to adjust them in their houses. Plantly is connecting buyers and sellers of Acacia plants to buy/sell it easily online.

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