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About Adenium:

Adenium Genus is a genus of flowering plants. It is also known as Desert Rose. It is commonly found in Africa and Arabia Peninsula. Although it grows very slowly and its age is very long. It consists of 12 species. It grows up to a height of 1 to 3 meters. Many species can be dangerous to humans and pets. Initially, its smooth and viscous bark is pale yellow but then turns into grey and brown shades. Its paste has many uses but the most important use of the paste of the whole plant is to treat venereal diseases. If you like to have Adenium in your home, Plantly is the place where you can buy it from sale online there!!!

Adenium Care:

Plants of Adenium Genus can grow vigorously in full sun during their growing period. The best temperature for their growth is between 30C to 35C. They love high humidity when the temperature is high. They grow well in fewer amounts of water and watering is prohibited in their inactive conditions during winter. Fertilizers which are rich in phosphorous like bone meal are very beneficial to them. The fungus attacks their roots due to their high moisture content. This disease is then treated with fungicide spray on stems.

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