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About Brassavola:

Brassavola is also famous as the Lady of the Night. Its botanical name is Brassavola Nodosa. Brassavola has over 20 known species till now. This genus is native to South America, Central America. It is a perennial plant with white flowers to attract moth pollinators. Brassavola blooms in spring, summer, fall, winter. Brassavola is not toxic to animals. These plants are known for their strong fragrance emitted during the night. If you want to enjoy its beautiful fragrance, order your favorite Brassavola from the online sale NOW!

Brassavola Care:

Brassavola grows better in warm temprature. 60-65F is the minimum temperature required. Normal light is sufficient for healthy growth. Fertilizing them every two weeks will give better results.
People like the Brassavola plant due to its beauty during the day and its smell at night.


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