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About Cereus:

Cereus Genus belongs to the family Cactaceae and sub-family Cactoideae. It is also known as night-blooming cereus or moonlight cactus. Its name is derived from Greek which means “wax” or “torch” or “candle.” It consists of about 33 species. It is mostly found in South America. Although its fruits are edible, Bacillus cereus (a pathogen) can cause diseases like vomiting and Diarrhea. One of its species named Dutchman’s pipe cactus or Queen of the Night has the world’s most expensive flowers. Plantly has a variety of Cereus plants for sale online. Check them out NOW!

Cereus Care:

It needs full sun with a dry climate. These plants can grow best in the soil of pH ranges from 4.9 to 9.3 while It requires water up to 6 inches of depth and allows water to dry before watering again. Low nitrogen and water-soluble fertilizer of 25% strength are ideal in their growing season. Temperature ranges between 4C to 48C are ideal. It is open to the cactus fungus which can be cured by simply fungicide spray. It can be saved from rotting by changing the pot and stopping overwatering. Make sure it is transported with care to avoid damaging it If you are buying/selling the Cereus plant online.

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