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About Cleretum:

Cleretum is the scientific name. It is commonly known as Buckbay-vygie, Livingstone Bokbayfig, Livingstone Daisy. Livingstone Daisy is a genus of flowering plants. Cleretum belongs to the family Aizoaceae. It has 13 known species. Mostly, these plants are found in the Cape provinces of South Africa. Flower color varies from white to yellow, orange cream, pink and crimson. It has daisy-like flowers up to 1.3 inches in size and 2-3 cm in width. The blooming season is August to September. It is used as spring-flowering ornamental. Cleretum is available on sale online at Plantly!

Cleretum Care:

It is a sun-loving genus. Exposure to the sun increases their beauty. A moderate amount of water is required. Its flowers surface is modified to store water. It is grown up Low fertile soil. Repot your plant once a year. It is generally disease-free. But it is attacked by aphids, slugs, and snails.

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