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About Cordyline

Cordyline is a woody monocotyledonous flowering plant genus in the Asparagaceae family. There are over 15 species that are commonly referred to as Ti plants. Cordyline is derived from the Greek word “kordyle,” which means “club,” and refers to the plant’s club-shaped roots.

  • Sold By: Smoot's Farm

    Cordyline Red Sensation 2.5 Inch Tall Pot Live Starter Plant

    Sold By: Smoot's Farm

    Light – bright indirect light

    Soil – rich, well-drained high-quality potting mix.

    Water- when the surface of its soil feels dry. Water until it starts to run out of the drainage holes. Do not put the drained water back into the plant.

    Fertilizer – Feed in the spring with slow-release fertilizer. You can feed the plant weekly during the growing season with a liquid 20-20-20 fertilizer at half-strength. Do not fertilize during the winter.

    Temperature and Humidity – thrives in temperatures above 62 degrees and prefers high humidity. Avoid putting the plant near a cold draft like a window. These are tropical plants, so if you’re experiencing leaf drop, try raising both the temperature and humidity.


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