Ludisia: The Prized Jewel Orchid plants for sale

About Ludisia:

Ludisia Orchids is commonly known as the jewel orchids. These are terrestrial plants. They grow suitably in damp forests and mountainous areas. Home to the genus is south China and west and central Malaysia. It has one known species; L.discolor. Apparently, the Jewel orchid is a neat plant.  Its dark red velvet leaves add more than its flowers, to its beauty. The deep clear veins in leaves sparkle when light falls on them. Due to its shiny appearance, it’s popular in indoor plants. People use it for ornamentation.

Ludisia Care:

Ludisia orchids naturally grow in tropical forests with a hot and moist environment. The genus likes to grow in bright but indirect exposure to the sun. It doesn’t like a lot of variation in the temperature. Medium to warm temperature is suited to its growth. It should be watered regularly to keep the soil moist but dirty water is not good for its health.
Moreover, it should be fed with regular diluted fertilizers. Other organic materials are good to be added to the soil in which it grows. At homes, the plant should be kept in pots.
Good drainage should be maintained to avoid rotten roots. Overall it’s an easy-to-grow plant.

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