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About Neoregelia:

Neoregelia genus belongs to the family Bromeliaceae and sub-family Bromelioideae. It was named in honor of Eduard A. Von. Regel, who was the superintendent of Peterburg Botanic Garden in Russia. It has over 50 species with a large variety in it. They are epiphytic plants. They flower once and dies after that. During their flowering season, they produce an exact clown of themselves. Plants of this genus can grow to the height of up to 16 inches and the width of 12 inches. If you want one for your home, check out the latest Neoregelia sales deals online!

Neoregelia Care:

Plants of this genus need moderate light but become dark green if the excessive shade is given. They need water once a week. A temperature of 12 to 32 degrees centigrade is favorable for them. Some of their varieties need fertilizers in summer in liquid form. They are open to fungi fusarium which causes its death by destroying its lover part. It is related to humidity so it should be overcome during the preparation of the soil

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