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About Oxalis:

Oxalis genus, also known as wood sorrel, is a flowering plant’s genus from the family Oxalidaceae. It consists of 550 species. It can be found all over the world except at poles. Most of their species are found in tropical areas of Brazil, Mexico, and North America. Its height ranges from 6 to 12 inches. It reproduces with the help of the disturbance of bulbils. Bulbils spread in soil and form new plants. If you want to beautify your home with Oxalis, Plantly is the spot where you can get online sale deals easily!

Oxalis Care:

It can vigorously grow in the partial shade and can survive at any humidity level. It needs water every 10 to 14 days. The most suitable temperature for growth is 65-to-80 degrees centigrade. It does not survive frost weather and goes to dormancy in winter. Oxalis dies after the blooms for several months. When leaves start dropping, cut the plant back and stop watering. It will prevent it from permanent death. If Oxalis is ordered from a sale online, it should be shipped with care to prevent any damage during transportation.

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