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About Paphiopedilum/Venus Slipper

Paphiopedilum is commonly known as lady slippers or venus’ slippers. It belongs to the Orchidaceae family. Its flowers are slipper-shaped with yellow, pink, red, brown, and green colors. Paphiopedilum has 50 different species. Most of its species are terrestrial. This genus is native Southeast Asia, New Guinea, the Indian Subcontinent, Southen China, and Bismarck Islands. Its blooming season is from autumn to spring. The flowers bloom for six to eight weeks. You will find the best species of paphiopedilum in the sale online at plantly.

Paphiopedilum Care:

Paphiopedilum needs frequent watering. Damp and moist places are the perfect places to keep them. It has no pseudobulbs for water storage due to which it needs water frequently. Paphiopedilum prefers a moderate temperature of approximately 60- 80 degree and moderate light. This genus likes to have a humidity level of 60-70.

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