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About Salvia:

Salvia Divinorum but shorlty famous as Salvia is a herb and belongs to the mint family. It is used due to its hallucinogenic effect. Southern Mexico, centeral and South American region is the native area for this genus. It has certain famous street names like Sally-D, Magic Mint, Diviner’s Sage and Maria Pastora. Salvia has approximately 960 species. If you are a Salvia lover, grab your favourite species by order it now from the sale online.

Salvia Care:

Some of the Salvia species are annuals and some other Salvias are peremmials. Both of the types have different properties and pros and cons. Overall, Salvias are not poisonois to dogs, cats or ather pets. But ingestion in bigger qantities can result in temporary stomach issues. Salvias bloom in late string to fall while some of them bloom earlier. During the bloom season the flowers contains blue, dark purple, pink, white and some yellow colors in them. The leaves are green in color and narrow and square in shape.
Occasional watering is needed while the soil shouldn’t necessarily be rich but well drainage.A full sun is needed for atleast 6 hours a day for better growth.

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