Tradescantia Plants for Sale Online

About Tradescantia:

Tradescantia is the scientific name of the genus. Some of the common names are wandering Jew, inch plant, and spiderwort. Tradescantia belongs to the family of Commelinaceae. It has 75 known species. Tradescantia plants are found in southern Mexico but can be grown in mild climates. It has long-blooming flowers that vary in color violet, purple, and pink but most commonly bright blue. Plant sizes range from 30-60 cm tall and 12-24 in wide. Tradescantia is on sale online at Plantly to be ordered from anywhere in the US.

Tradescantia Care:

This genus likes bright but indirect light. It likes to have 60-80 F temperature for growing. It needs watering regularly in summer to keep the soil moist and less frequently in winter. Water it only when the soil looks dry. It likes moisture atmosphere. Fertilize it once every two months. Moist but well-drained soil with some sand mixture is preferred.  These plants prefer the 9-12 hardiness zone. Some of the species are toxic to humans and animals.

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