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    This listing is for 1 mature Queen of the Night, Night Blooming Cereus Plant shown in photos 1 through 5.. Photos 1 through 5 are representative of the plant you will receive. Other photos are pictures of the “mother” plant in different stages of bloom to show the potential of the plant. You will receive 1 single mature plant shown in pictures 1 through 5. The plant is approximately 20″ tall and 10″ across. Currently staked and growing in 7″ pot. You will not be disappointed in this beauty.
    Pictures of the plant before packaging/shipping will be emailed to the buyer
    Plant Care Guide and Tracking will be provided when plant ships
    Plant ships bareroot/removed from pot and soil
    All plants are shipped with care using a proven safe shipping method – sure to arrive healthy and pot ready
    I do combine shipping on multiple listings purchased at the same time.
    Queen of the Night Symbolism: Instant Beauty; Immortality; Luck and Prosperity
    Queen of the night is one of the most exotic indoor plants. The flowers from this unique plant are funnel-shaped with clean white petals that release a sweet aromatic fragrance to match the breathtakingly beautiful blooms. Each flower blooms on a single quiet night and fades within hours, making the plant a moonlight beauty. The Queen of the night, normally blooms once a year, and up to 6 blooms, depending on the size. However, the plants sold on this site have the potential to bloom like the mother, 9 times in one year. The mother plant (pictured – photo 9) blooms every year, several times a year beginning as early as February through October. One bloom cycle was 17 blooms.
    The Queen of the Night, Night Blooming Cereus is a drought-tolerant and low maintenance plant. Allow the soil to dry completely between watering and place the plant in a prominent location, as a “Queen” to receive adequate sunlight – partial to full sun. Fertilize once in Spring and once she starts to bloom, fertilize after every bloom cycle completes. If she blooms nine times in a year as my mother plant often does, then fertilize 9 times, following the end of each blooming cycle.


    Queen of the Night – Night Blooming Cereus


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