• Viburnum Carlesii 2 1/2″ pot

    Sold By: JLPfarmsTN


    This listing is for 1) Carlessii Viburnum 2 1/2″ pot

    Viburnum carlesii commonly called Koreanspice viburnum is a slow-growing, upright, rounded, deciduous shrub which typically matures to 4-5′ tall but may reach a height of 8′ in optimum growing conditions.

    Like most viburnum shrubs, this is a relatively slow grower, adding 1 to 2 feet per year until it reaches its mature size of about 6 feet. Some cultivars are shorter plants, but these are even slower growing, still requiring at least three years to reach their mature size

    Zone‎: ‎4 to 7

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    Sold By: JLPfarmsTN

    Viburnum Carlesii 2 1/2″ pot


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