• Yellow Banana Croton

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    You are going to love this one… This stripe-infused Croton Yellow Banana houseplant will bring cheer and warmth to your home jungle. With striking yellow stripes on their leaves, these exotic plants are super low maintenance. He only requires a drink once a week.

    Crotons come in more than 100 varieties. Leaf colors include yellow, green, copper, red, pink, orange, brown, and ivory, which may spread over the whole leaf or appear as veining, spots, blotches, or other patterns. Leaf shapes also vary: they may be slender and up to 18 inches long, flat, and up to 6 inches wide.

    Sold By: A&K Plants

    Yellow Banana Croton

  • Petra Croton

    Sold By: A&K Plants

    Colorful Croton 4″ Pot, Easy-to-Grow House Plant, Codiaeum Petra:

    Cordiaeum petra house plant comes in more than 100 possible varieties

    Leaf colors: yellow, green, copper, red, pink, orange, brown and ivory

    Colors may spread over the whole leaf or appear as veins, spots, blotches and more

    Leaf shapes vary from 6″-18″ long and may be flat, long, wide, lobed, ribbed, crinkled or twisted into corkscrew shapes

    Grows quickly to become bushy shrubs after 2 or 3 years

    4″ houseplant pot is easy to grow


    Sold By: A&K Plants

    Petra Croton


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