• 1 Forythia shrub – 4” pot

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    Forsythias are a genus of deciduous flowering shrubs that belong to the olive family. These low-maintenance, fast-growing shrubs feature an upright, arching form. They are known for their long branches that fill with brilliant yellow blooms early in the spring. The flowers precede their leaves, which means you get a good look at the blooms with no foliage to block your view.

    Bees and butterflies love forsythia, and they provide a cheerful backdrop, border, or centerpiece for any yard. Some smaller forsythia varieties only stand a couple of feet tall with a slightly wider spread while many of the larger varieties can reach around 10 feet in height and spread.

    Forsythias are fast-growing shrubs that can grow as much as 24 inches in a year, especially the larger varieties. They are best planted in late fall or early spring while the plants are still dormant, but gardeners in frost-free climates can plant them in winter, as well.

    Mature Size 2–10 feet tall, depending on variety
    Sun Exposure Full sun to part shade
    Soil Type Loose, medium moisture, well-draining soil
    Soil pH 5.0–8.0 (acidic to alkaline)
    Bloom Time Spring
    Flower Color Yellow
    Hardiness Zones 5 to 8 (USDA)

    Sold By: JLPfarmsTN

    1 Forythia shrub – 4” pot


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