• Sold By: Smoot's Farm

    Philodendron Golden Goddess 2.5 Inch tall pot Live starter plant

    Sold By: Smoot's Farm

    Displaying bright yellow-green foliage, this climbing philodendron is native to Thailand and is also commonly known as Malay gold or lemon-lime philodendron. It looks great displayed on a tabletop or desk when it’s small and can be moved to a floor planter as it matures.

    This tropical epiphyte is a low-maintenance houseplant that does well growing both indoors and outdoors. It is known to be a fast grower that does best with a moss pole or trellis as it matures, where it can grow up to six feet tall. While the golden goddess can flower under the right conditions, it is rare for it to flower when grown indoors.


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