• Sold By: Smoot's Farm

    Ficus Elastica or Rubber Plant Ruby Pink 2.5 Inch Tall Pot Live Plant

    Sold By: Smoot's Farm

    Light: Ficus Elastica Ruby does best indoors with bright, indirect light. It will tolerate lower light conditions but with less creamy variegation on the new leaves.

    Temperatures: Indoors maintain average room temperatures above 55° degrees Fahrenheit with medium humidity levels. Consider adding a humidifier to increase humidity.Inconsistent temperature, sudden temperature drops or cold drafts, and dry conditions can affect this Ficus.

    Watering: The Ficus is a relatively low maintenance house plant. Take care not to overwater rubber plants. If the roots sit in water, they can suffer from root rot and fungus gnats can become an issue.The indoor ficus will still seek watering according to the natural growing season. Water your plant more during the summer months and scale back during the winter months.During warmer months feed your plant once per month with a half-strength balanced liquid fertilizer.


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