Why Did Plantly Connect with ShipStation? 

ShipStation, in a nutshell, is an order management solution that will bring all the necessary information for shipping to one platform.


The best-in-class software has an array of tools that can assist a business in a number of ways including:

  • Generating documents (custom declaration forms) when international shipments are recognized by ShipStation
  • Communicating tracking numbers back to the recipient
  • Comparing rates amongst carriers for the most cost-effective shipping.
  • Discounted postage for most major carriers with an emphasis on UPS rates that range anywhere between 30%-50%.
  • Automation functions that will help reduce the time it takes to ship.
  • Schedule pickups so you don’t have to leave your home. (especially during COVID).
  • BONUS: ShipStation includes a free Stamps.com account so you can use either tool in conjunction with one another. Plus! It starts at $9/month.

Why Did Plantly Connect with ShipStation? , Plantly

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