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Bulbophyllum belongs to the family of Orchidaceae. It has more than 2000 species, making it the largest genus in the Orchid Family. It is also the second-largest genera of flowering plants however Astragalus is the largest one. In the year 1822, Louis-Marie Aubert Du Petit-Thouars described it for the first time. Its name is coming from the Greek Bulbos (bulk) and Phyllon (leaves). Bulbophyllum is for sale online at Plantly with many of its species.


Bulbophyllum is a warm growing genus. It should not see a temperature of less than 65°F at night. It requires moderate light however, a brighter light (which does not burn its leaves) can cause better growth. Humidity is preferred at 60%. Frequent watering is needed because mounted as well as potted Bulbophyllum will grow better in wet conditions. Bulbophyllum requires fertilization every week in summer and once a month in winter.

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