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About Cattleya:

Cattleya is a flowering plant. Some of the common names are Orchid, corsage orchid, and queen of orchids. It belongs to Family has 45 species. Cattleya is native to Central and South America from Mexico to Paraguay and Argentina. It has three lobed-shaped flowers. All colors except blues in combination bloom out. Cattleya size is 0.25-2 feet in height and 0.25-2 feet wide. It is used as ornamentals and florists’ plants. Plantly have a variety of Cattleya plants for sale online now!

Cattleya Care:

Cattleya prefers bright light with some protection from the sun during the heat of the day. It prefers temperatures at 70-85° F in daytime and 55-60° F at night. Water regularly once per week until the plant matures. Let plants dry between waterings. It needs 50-60 % humidity. Apply a balanced fertilizer twice a month after waterings. Re-pot after every two years when potting medium breaks down and drains poorly. The suited zone is 10-12.

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