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About Dendrobium:

Dendrobium is a scientific name of what is commonly known as Noble Dendrobium. It is a member of the family Orchidaceae. Genus Dendrobium has approximately 1500 known species. It is used as a decorative house plant because it produces colorful flowers in spring as well as winter. If you are going to decorate your homes with Dendrobium, Plantly is the perfect place because Dendrobium is on sale online here!

Dendrobium Care:

Dendrobium plants like pots and attains more height as compared to the pot’s width. It needs water twice a week. It needs a lot of indirect light but a little bit of shade is the better option. Dendrobium prefers 65-85 °F. Plantly has detailed guides on many indoor and outdoor plants including Dendrobium plants to help the plant lover. And you have to order plants online here if you find your favorite plant!

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