Dossinia Marmorata for sale online

About Dossinia: the Queen of the Jewel Orchids

Dossinia is a flowering plant from the Orchid family commonly known as “The Golden Jewel Orchid”. The name is given due to the unique golden lightning strikes over their leaves’ maroon surface. The origin of the Dossinia plant is Southeast Asia and the pacific and native to Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and India, and some species in eastern North America. Dossinia is the terrestrial herb of small brown and white flowers. Dossinia plant can be 5cm tall initially. This plant is not toxic to animals and humans. If you are interested in the Dossinia, Plantly has it on sale online for all US-based lovers.

Dossinia Care:

Dossinia likes moderate watering but on regular basis. If its soil gets dry, it may affect its growth. Dossinia needs moderate indirect light. The favorable humidity level is around 50-70%. Fertilizing it once a week would work fine.


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