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About Prunus:

Prunus Genus is commonly known as Flowering Cherries and Almond Trees. It consists of shrubs and trees. It belongs to the family Rosaceae and sub-family Amygdaloideae. Prunus consists of 430 different species. It can grow up to the height range of 6 feet to 10 feet. Those trees of Prunus that give fruit are deciduous. It is fast-growing and can reach 10 meters in 10 years. It is found in the regions like Western Europe and Western North America. Prunus lovers from all over the US can buy it from sale online at Plantly!

Prunus Care:

Trees can grow faster in full sun. They love well-drained and moist soil which have neutral pH. In the second year, fertilizes two times, the start of March and then early August. The optimum temperature that suites them is 4C to 7C. They suffer from the disease named Black Knot which stretches from 1 inch to 6 inches. This disease is cured by removing the affected part during the dormancy period.

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