Vibrant Tradescantia Zebrina – Striking Groundcover – Fast-Growing Plant

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Bright Indirect


Organic Fertilizer During Spring and Summer


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Zone 8-11

Description: Introduce the captivating beauty of Tradescantia Zebrina to your garden with its unique characteristics and vibrant colors. This trailing plant serves as an excellent groundcover, reaching a height of 6-12 inches. Its succulent stems bear ovate to lanceolate leaves that elegantly clasp the stem.

The upper leaf surface of Tradescantia Zebrina showcases a mesmerizing blend of green and purple, adorned with two wide, silvery-white stripes. Meanwhile, the lower leaf surface features a deep magenta hue, adding further intrigue to its appearance. Upon closer observation, you’ll notice delicate hairs along the leaf margins, creating an enchanting texture. In bright light, the surfaces of the leaves seem to glisten and sparkle, delighting the eye.

For optimal color intensity, it is recommended to provide Tradescantia Zebrina with full sun; however, in southern locations, be mindful of excessive sun exposure as it may cause the colors to fade. This fast-growing plant adapts well as a groundcover, quickly spreading and creating a lush tapestry of striking foliage.

Key Features:

  • Striking variegated leaves: Tradescantia Zebrina boasts eye-catching leaves with a captivating blend of green, purple, and silvery-white stripes, creating a visual feast for plant enthusiasts.
  • Groundcover versatility: With its trailing growth habit and quick spreading, this plant excels as a groundcover, effortlessly transforming bare spaces into a lush and vibrant carpet of foliage.
  • Succulent stems: The succulent nature of the stems adds a touch of resilience, making Tradescantia Zebrina adaptable to various growing conditions.
  • Easy to grow: This fast-growing plant is relatively low-maintenance. With regular watering and well-draining soil, it thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, enhancing any garden or hanging basket.


  • Plant type: Tradescantia Zebrina
  • Leaf characteristics: Ovate to lanceolate, clasping the stem
  • Upper leaf surface: Green to purple with wide, silvery-white stripes
  • Lower leaf surface: Uniform deep magenta
  • Light requirements: Full sun to partial shade
  • Watering: Regular watering, allowing the soil to dry between waterings

Embrace the vibrant allure of Tradescantia Zebrina, an exquisite groundcover plant that brings a tapestry of colors to your garden. Limited stock available, so seize the opportunity to adorn your landscape with this fast-growing, captivating foliage.

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  1. I have not received this plant yet!

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    • Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Zachariah. We apologize for the delay in your plant’s arrival. Our recent surge in orders has indeed led to some delays, and we deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused you. We’re actively working to manage the increased demand and ensure that future orders are processed and delivered more efficiently. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

  2. I am highly impressed by the specimen I received. It was so beautiful!

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  3. The quality and size of my plant was above and beyond what was described and what I expected. I will certainly be ordering again!!!

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  4. packed very well! good size plant!

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  5. I cannot give this seller enough compliments. Fast shipping. Superb packaging. I’ve never ordered a plant that didn’t lose soil.

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  6. Packed with care…arrived super healthy and has grown in 2 week already! thank you

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  7. Shipped same day. How’s that for a star seller?

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  8. Beautiful plants! Well packaged and super fast shipping! They are much bigger than expected!

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  9. Inside the Plant was wrapped and preserved; outside covering perhaps made the difference. Very happy. I would order again and definitely recommend.

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  10. This plant is exceptional. It is everything and more than the vendor said it would be.

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Vibrant Tradescantia Zebrina - Striking Groundcover - Fast-Growing Plant

Vibrant Tradescantia Zebrina - Striking Groundcover - Fast-Growing Plant

$19.99$25.00 (-20%)