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Beautiful deep green fronds make this rare find a gorgeous addition to any collection.

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The King Sago Palm Plant (Cycas Revoluta) or Japanese Sago Palm is native to Japan. This is a great indoor palm. It is a popular house plant known for its beautiful feathery foliage and easy care. The gorgeous fronds sit atop a round bulb like base. The Sago Palm is a great plant for beginners due to its ease of care, as well as a great addition to any plant collection. Sago Palms are hardy and can even be grown outdoors. The name might imply that it is a palm, but this plant is actually considered a cycad, one of the oldest groups of plants dating back to prehistoric times, which explains the plants hardiness.

Please keep children and four footies away from plants. Some plants can be an irritant or poisonous to humans or pets. The King Sago Palm is one of those plants. Please research any plant that you plan on purchasing.

This plant is drought tolerant and thrives in bright, indirect light. It requires infrequent watering. Drought tolerant when established. Needs well draining soil.  Protect from frost to prevent from possible scarring.

You will receive well-established, mature, rooted plants, from a 6 inch diameter pot, sent bareroot and packaged with great care. It will be shipped via USPS Priority mail.

If you are ordering from an area with weather below 32 degrees, please consider purchasing a heat pack.

Check our How to Grow and Care for Sago Palm article for a complete care and growing guide.

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Our shipping schedule will be one day a week. This will include all orders placed by the previous Friday, as we do our plant pick up from our growers on Saturdays. We will be processing and packing orders on Mondays for shipping on Tuesdays. We ship USPS Priority Mail, which has an estimated 2-3 day travel time. After doing this for many years, we find this is the safest schedule for shipping the live plants.


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There are no refunds done once ordered plants have been pulled from the greenhouses. If you have any issues once your order is received please contact me directly as soon as possible so that the problem can be rectified.


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  1. A

    I repotted after a day. It looks great.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
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  2. WE

    Beautiful plant and packaged well!

    Image #1 from William Elcan
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  3. P

    Super happy w my succulents! They were shipped w care and arrived fast. The plant adjusted very well and is now thriving at my massage office. Thank Succulent Oasis.

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  4. JQ

    Beautiful succulent. Can’t wait for it to get bigger.

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    • PT

      Your feedback is like sunshine to our garden! Thrilled that our plants could bloom joy in your life. Happy gardening 🙂

  5. JQ

    Love this. Huge plant!

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    • PT

      It’s wonderful to hear that your plants are thriving, Joanne. Thank you for letting us be a part of your plant journey!

  6. JQ

    Beautiful plant.

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  7. JQ

    Beautiful plant.

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    • PT

      We’re on cloud nine reading your positive comments! Knowing that you’re pleased with your plants is incredibly rewarding.

  8. JQ

    Just beautiful. Just waiting for another two plants. Love it.

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    • PT

      Thank you for your glowing feedback! We’re thrilled to know that both the plants and our customer service met your expectations.

  9. JP

    Great plant. It is a beautiful addition to my other plants

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    • PT

      Hey, John! We’re so grateful for your positive feedback! We’re always working hard to improve our selection of plants, so it’s great to hear that you’re happy with the plants you received.

  10. JP

    Arrived perfectly healthy. Beautiful. See above comments.

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    • PT

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re so glad to hear that you’re happy with your plants.


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