5 Glade Fern Bareroot


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***7/10/20 Ferns will be dormant until next spring.

5 Glade fern bareroot

Diplazium pycnocarpon (narrow-leaved glade fern, narrow-leaved-spleenwort, glade fern) is a tall slender-leaved fern growing as individuals with 5 to 6 leaves. The plant spreads by creeping underground stems allowing a small colony to develop over time. The leaf blade is oblong-lanceolate and once-pinnate, unlike the closely related Athyrium. Leaves grow to about 90 cm (36 in) long and 15 cm (6 in) wide. The pinnae are linear and entire. Fertile leaves are similar but erect, narrower than sterile leaves and with longer stipes. The sori are long and narrow in two lines along the underside of a leaf pinna, giving rise to its specific epithet pycnocarpon (‘crowded fruits’).

Planting Bare Root Ferns –

Trying to figure out which end of the tuber is up can be daunting. Sometimes the tip is visible on the top portion and other times there will be root hairs extending from the bottom. If in doubt, the tuber can be planted in a sideways position without affecting future growth.

The top of the tuber should be approximately 1 to 2 inches below the top of the ground. Cover lightly with aged compost mix to keep the ground cool and moist. Soil should be kept lightly moist (not wet or damp) for the fern to put on new growth. When planting tubers late in the growing season, such as late summer, often they will not put on any new top growth until the following spring. The ferns will grow larger each year until they top out in size about the 4th year.

Cutting the fall die back to the ground and applying a fresh layer of mulch or straw will help to protect the fern tubers from popping out of the ground over winter freeze and thaw cycles as well as from squirrels or other critters digging up the bulbs for winter food.

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    Jesselaine Y

    I can’t wait to watch this little gem grow! Thank you so much for my order. I will definitely come back in the future!! 🙂💕

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    this nursery just does everything with excellence.

    Sky Pencil Holly in a 2 1/2Sky Pencil Holly in a 2 1/2″ pot

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    Anita G

    I was so happy when I got this. It was packaged very nicely.

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    Shawne K

    They were decently packaged and looked healthy.

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    It was packed up with such great care, that despite the box looking a little rough, no damage or harm was done.

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    Debra Bond Fehnel

    Item as described and in good health. Thank you!

    5 Lady Fern Bare Root5 Lady Fern Bare Root

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    Timmy Carter

    Got my plant today. Came well packed and in excellent shape.

    5 Lady Fern Bare Root5 Lady Fern Bare Root

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    Tim Wortz

    Arrived in great conditio n, would buy again! Thank you!

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    I am excited to see how these plants do. They arrived quickly and looked good upon arrival.

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    Annette Taylor

    The ferns arrived in great shape and taking off in my garden bed.

    5 Lady Fern Bare Root5 Lady Fern Bare Root

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