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This plant is about 2 years old, with leaves about 10 inches long. Terracotta pot for display purposes only, plant ships in compostable pot, so that you can repot in the pot of your choosing at home. 🙂

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Weight 1 lbs
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Sun Requirement

Bright Indirect, Full Sun, Partial Sun

Water: While snake plants are often considered indestructible, overwatering can cause root rot, and eventually kill your plant. Make sure to water only when the soil is completely dry. When watering, water thoroughly, until water comes out of the drainage holes and remove any standing water from the pot’s saucer before placing your plant back in its home.   Light: Snake plants grow best in bright, indirect sunlight. Look for a south or west facing window with sheer curtains. Sansevieria can tolerate low-light conditions, but your plant will grow slowly and will not thrive to its full potential.   Soil: Use fast-draining soil in a pot with a drainage hole. Using a terracotta will help ensure water can evaporate more readily, so your plant will be less likely to accidentally be overwatered. Orchid or succulent potting mix will work well with sansevieria, adding perlite or orchid bark to regular potting mix will also help with drainage.   Fertilizer: You can use an indoor plant fertilizer once or twice during the growing season.   Propagation: Sansevieria can be grown from leaves or more commonly from pups, or small offsets from the main plant. After some time, the mother plant may send out an offset through an underground rhizome. To propagate, remove the whole plant from the soil, then with clean shears, cut the rhizome connecting the mother and new offset. Repot the new pup in a smaller pot and care for as usual.

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    Shayne Louisse

    I got my BEAUTIFUL TREE!!!

    Avocado Tree | NancyAvocado Tree | Nancy

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    Everyone needs an avocado tree!!!!!! Get them while you can!!!!

    Avocado Tree | NancyAvocado Tree | Nancy

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    Veronica A

    the aloe roots was wrapped and cushioned.

    Brazil Philodendron | NovaBrazil Philodendron | Nova

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    Aida Ram

    Quick shipping, very well packed, healthy plants. Very pleased. Thank you!

    Aloe Vera | TinaAloe Vera | Tina

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    Fast shipping and packaged really well. Nice plant and good size. thank you!

    Aloe Vera | TinaAloe Vera | Tina

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    Well packaged shipment! Plants arrived healthy and nice sized; even received a free succulent! Thank you so much!

    Aloe Vera | TinaAloe Vera | Tina

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    Kayla K

    It came super fast and in great condition.

    Brazil Philodendron | NovaBrazil Philodendron | Nova

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    Fast shipping! Plant received in very good condition and carefully wrapped. Thank you!

    Avocado Tree | NancyAvocado Tree | Nancy

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    Helen G

    The plant was very healthy, lively and beautiful. Definitely recommend this seller.??????

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    Joy Anne

    The aloe plant has arrived and was in great shape

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