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The best way to water a Calathea Plant is to use distilled water, rainwater, or allow your tap water to sit out overnight before using it. Keep the soil of a Calathea Plant moist but never soggy. Allow the top 2-3” to dry out before watering. Never let a Calathea Plant sit in water

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Stomanthe sanguinea “Tricolor” is a stunning selection of a tropical herbaceous perennial in the maranta or prayer plant family (Marantaceae) with dramatic, multicolored leaves. Native to rain forests of Brazil, it requires high humidity and warm temperatures to thrive. Once just an uncommon landscape plant in zones 9-11 (or a curiosity for greenhouse growers), this relative of the prayer plant (Maranta species) is becoming more common as an unusual houseplant or seasonal annual in the Midwest grown for its fabulous foliage. This plant has some issues with its name: the true cultivar is actually ‘Triostar’, but typically is marketed under the name “Tricolor” and the species name was technically changed to S. thalia, but this is rarely seen in the trade. There is another similar plant, Ctenanthe oppenheimiana, with a variegated clone called ‘Tricolor,’ but that plant is less common, has different leaf shape, markings and venation and thinner, wirier petioles than S. sanguinea and is not as cold tolerant as S. sanguinea.

Growing Stromanthe Sanguine

Learning how to grow a stromanthe is not complicated, but you must commit to providing regular humidity when growing the Stromanthe ‘Triostar’ plant. A native of the Brazilian rain forest, the plant cannot exist in a dry environment.

Stromanthe Plant Care

Misting helps provide humidity, as does a pebble tray under or near the plant. A room humidifier close by is a great asset when growing Stromanthe sanguine. Watering correctly is important when learning how to grow a stromanthe. Keep the soil moist but allow the top inch to dry out before watering again. Pot this plant in a well-draining houseplant soil or mix. Feed stromanthe with a balanced houseplant fertilizer during the growing season.

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    Edie (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link | usVirginia, United States

    The Croton was delivered in poor shape, but A&K plants sent another plant and I’m very happy! THANK YOU!

    Yellow Banana CrotonYellow Banana Croton

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    Valerie B. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link | usWashington, United States

    Generally pleased with this Ag. Couple leaves looked sketchy, a few more suffered damage in shipping, to be expected. It’s taken more than a week for the rest to revive, ready to unfurl a new leaf soon. I look forward to watching it continue to recover then thrive in its new home.

    Aglaonema ChocolateAglaonema Chocolate

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    Plant came healthy itself. I just wish there was a sample picture of the sample 3inch plant rather than a full head of plants so i know what to expect. But other than that the plant is beautiful and healthy. No complaints.

    Succulent Echeveria MirandaSucculent Echeveria Miranda

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