Madagascar Jewel, Euphorbia leuconeura, succulent shrub, in a 4-inch pot


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Madagascar jewel is an upright succulent shrub that is exclusively native to northern Madagascar.

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Baby Madagascar Jewels have beautiful dark green leaves with white veins. As the plant matures, the white veins fade and the leaves become mostly green. In addition, the plant develops a woody stem and starts looking more like a cactus. Please refer to the attached images to see different life stages of the Madagascar Jewel. This plant can live for many years and grow up to 6 ft. high with proper care. It has a very unique way of propagating which earned it a most fitting name in German: ‘Spuckpalme’, or the ‘spitting palm.’ The plant develops little inconspicuous white flowers on the trunk between the thorns that turn into seed capsules. Once the seeds are ready, the plant shoots them several feet away!
Madagascar Jewel Euphorbia prefers a bright spot without too much direct sunlight. At most, it could tolerate direct sunlight in the morning and in the evening. If there is too much light, the leaves may droop. Madagascar Jewel thrives in the shade which makes it a perfect choice as a houseplant. If your room is dark. please consider purchasing a grow light for your new companion.
In contrast to other succulents, Madagascar Jewel needs to be watered regularly. However, the soil should dry out between watering. The plant will tolerate dry soil but will not like it if its soil is waterlogged. Madagascar Jewel soil should be as permeable as possible and peat-free.
In the summer during the growing season, temperatures of 68 to 75 °F are ideal for the plant. It will become dormant in winter and is best kept at 65 – 68 °F. If the temperature is too low, Madagascar Jewel will drop some leaves. But please do not worry! Once it becomes warmer, the leaves will grow again.
Like other members of the spurge genus Euphorbia, Madagascar Jewel contains a milky sap in all parts of the plant that can be irritating to the skin. Please use gloves when repotting and keep your pets from injuring the plant.

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Madagascar Jewel, Euphorbia leuconeura, succulent shrub, in a 4-inch pot


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