Variegated Philodendron Burle Marx


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Variegated Philodendron Burle Marx is a stunning leaf of yellow, green, white, and heart-shaped leaves with reddish stems. It is a perfect houseplant for beginners. This rare and eye-catching plant is a must-have in every plant collector’s garden.

Growing them is easy as long as there is enough water, sunlight, and humidity to thrive. You can grow them in a beautiful pot and place them in the corner of the room where there is enough sunlight to thrive. You can display them in the living room with the other plants to showcase their stunning look and give your home a cozy and refreshing feeling.

This plant appreciates bright and indirect sunlight and well-drained soil. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight which can cause leaf sunburn. Allow the water to dry before watering again, and make sure there is an excellent draining hole in the pot to prevent root rot.

Fertilizing them during their growing season using a general-purpose fertilizer will help them grow faster and healthier.

Check out this complete care guide.


You will receive exact plant as pictured Semi rooted No refunds or exchanges all sales final Shipping from Fort Worth Var. Philodendron burle Marx is a semi rooted plant propagation some tiny roots are shown I would recommend growing in sphagnum moss, pearlite, lecca, or pon those have seem to work great for me personally and placed in high bright indirect light and semi mid humid conditions.

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  1. It’s in perfect condition and it was packaged very well.

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  2. Fast shipping. I can’t wait to watch these grow.

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  3. Well packaged. Planted yesterday.

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  4. The plant looks exactly like the picture. It came very well packed.

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  5. Very excited to see the plant grow and mature. Seller was great. Fast shipping.

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  6. HUGE VINE! It had about 14 nodes. I chopped it up a little bit, and now i’m going to have a big, full plant very soon! 5 stars for sure :))

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  7. The plant arrived today in perfect condition and is absolutely gorgeous! So big and healthy! It was very well packed! I definitely would recommend this seller to anyone!

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  8. they arrived (as always) in perfect shape.

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  9. She looks great so far. She was fuller than I expected

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  10. I have bought many plants from this seller and they have all exceeded my expectations, and the customer service is amazing!

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