Venetian Red, Begonia Rex, 4 inch, Painted-Leaf Begonia, Unique Homegrown Exclusive

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Venetian Red, Begonia Rex, 4 inch, Painted-Leaf Begonia, Unique Homegrown Exclusive
This plant comes in a plastic 4 inch pot.


[GROWN AND PLANTED IN THE USA] – Bringing the quality and price of local nurseries to you.
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You will receive plant(s) similar to the listing photos. All plants come potted with soil in a plastic pot. A general plant care tip guide will be given with every order.

Keep in mind that fallen, dried, and yellowing of leaves are a natural occurrence. We try to contain the soil as much as possible within the packaging, but some soil may find its way out of the pot and onto the plant. If plants have soil over the leaves, it can easily be rinsed off with water. If plant is slightly wilted and the soil is dry, we recommend that you give the plant a watering as soon as you can to revive the plant.

Feel free to message us if you have any questions. We want everyone to be happy with their purchase and will work with you on finding a resolution for all issues as soon as possible.


– Try to avoid touching the roots as much as possible when repotting. It’s not necessary to remove all the old soil. This step is important in determining how long it will take for your plant to settle in its new pot.
– Once transplanted in new soil, do not water for 2-3 days. During this time, the plant might wither a little, but is necessary in the establishment and growth of roots in the new potting container.
– While the plant gets adjusted to its new pot, do not place under direct sunlight. Keep it in a bright shady spot where it can avoid sunburn.

PLANT CARE TIPS | Our Expert Advice for a Healthy Plant

– Don’t place plants under direct sunlight. Long hours under the sun may result in sunburn.
– Keep plants out of extreme weather. Keep indoors until weather conditions improve.
– Perfect spots to keep your plants are at bright windows and shady sunny areas.
– Pieces that break off from the plant such as live stem parts, can be replanted into the soil and regrown. This works if the piece has a decent amount of viable live tissue. Some leafy plants can be grown through node cuttings.

We love our plants, and are excited to share the feeling with you too.

Are we a registered Nursery?
Yes we are! Our credentials are the following:

We operate under Florida House Plants LLC and BubbleBlooms is our registered trademark name.

General Nursery Stock Inspection Certificate Number: 48028193
Nematode Certificate Number: 3675
Certified Under Applicable Federal or State Cooperative Domestic Plant Quarantines FL-2591

Shipping Countries: United States (US)

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Shipping Policy

We ship orders immediately. After we ship, it is out of our hands what happens but we always work with our clients during unforeseen events.


Refund Policy

We guarantee a healthy plant on arrival. Contact us if that is not the case and we will fix this. After a week or two, we will no longer be able to refund plants as they are living things.

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  1. Not received. Plantly reached out and offered a replacement or refund.

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  2. I wish I could rate this one, but unfortunately I don’t have it yet.

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  3. Does not at all look like the picture. Not even hardly. It’s pathetic and sparse and droopy and I watered it and it’s still rather sad looking. Not really encouraging.

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  4. got plant and was soaking wet. Aerial roots were rotted off. New growth was dead while still in sheath.

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    • Hello Kat Kay Pike,
      Thank you for your honest feedback. It would have been wonderful if you’re able to provide pictures so that the vendor can review well. Have you contacted the vendor regarding this as well? Let us know how we can be of help.
      -Your friends at Plantly

  5. I placed the order on May 18 and the items still have not shipped. Today is June 1. The vender created a shipping label to make it look like they shipped the order on the 18th of May. I emailed Plantly yesterday May 31st and haven’t heard back yet. I am unhappy with Plantly and will not order from them again.

    (0) (0)
    • Hello Travis,
      We’d like to apologize for the late response on this issue. Upon further investigation, we have decided to refund you the full amount. Let us know if there are other concerns. – Your friends at Plantly

  6. Way smaller than the picture, I found one locally for7.99 that was twice the size

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Venetian Red, Begonia Rex, 4 inch, Painted-Leaf Begonia, Unique Homegrown Exclusive

Venetian Red, Begonia Rex, 4 inch, Painted-Leaf Begonia, Unique Homegrown Exclusive

$10.99$12.99 (-15%)

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