Huernia Stapelia Combo Bundle Variety Pack


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INCLUDES ALL Three different flowers! Three different stapelias and huernias to add to your collection!

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Stapelia Leendertziae , Black bells
Huernia zebrina, Lifesaver
Huernia schneideriana, Red Dragon

Plants shipped in its 4″ inch pot, and ready for a size up!

You will receive a plant similar to the ones in the photos.

The plant will be carefully wrapped and nested in crinkle paper so that any shock to the packaging can be absorbed and remain safe. Our paper packaging allows the plants to breathe during their travel!

Care instructions will be provided with plant.

* * * Please be aware that once an order is in the hands of the mail carrier, it is out of our control if anything happens during shipment. If you are unsatisfied with how your order arrived, message us! We’ll be happy to help you get this fixed right away!

Please also note that plants may sometimes look a bit withered after being shipped. A little bit of sun and water will pucker these beauties right back up again! * * *


Make sure to soak plant with water when soil is completely dry. Check if the soil is dry before each watering.

Best tip is to stick your thumb in the soil and check for moisture.

Direct sunlight for prolonged periods can cause sunburn (not good).

Keep plants out of frost!


Don’t hesitate to message us! We typically respond within a few minutes!

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Huernia Stapelia Combo Bundle Variety Pack



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