Premium, well-draining Citrus soil mix (also for Amorphophallus, Mangave)


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2 gallon bag (~6lbs) Premium, well-draining, nutrient-rich Citrus soil mix (also for Amorphophallus) for Indoor/Outdoor Potted plants.

Contents: 5 parts pine bark fines, 1 part perlite, 1 part premium compost.

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Weight 1 lbs

Premium, well-draining Citrus Soil mix plays an important role in a citrus plant by providing the nutrient-rich needed to grow healthy. Citrus needs nutrient-rich soil with well-draining. It is made of 5 parts fine tree/bark mulch,1 part perlite, and 1 part premium compost.

It is perfect for gift-giving to family and friends.


2 gallon bag – Premium, well-draining, nutrient-rich Citrus soil mix (also for Amorphophallus, Mangave, Aspidistra, etc).

For Indoor/Outdoor Potted plants: Indoor or potted citrus plants in particular need a very well-draining mix the most common way citrus are killed is by over watering  Yet, citrus do need a good amount of water. Many citrus soil mixes are advertised for “Cactus and Citrus”. Yet these two types of plants have very different needs. Cactus can grow in pure sand, citrus cannot. Citrus enjoy organic, nutrient rich soils, so long as it is well-draining. With this soil mix you can rest assured your citrus plant will have its basic needs taken care of and over watering will not be a problem (so long as your pot has drainage holes).

Citrus experts agree that a 5-1-1 soil mix is best  this is what you are getting here, 5 part fine tree/bark mulch, 1 part perlite, 1 part premium compost.

Specific Contents: 3 parts pine bark fines, 2 part shredded forest products, 1 part perlite, 1 part premium compost.

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  1. I always struggle to find plants that will grow in the full sun, clay soil area behind my house, but this plant is hanging in and growing. I can’t wait til the hummingbirds start to come.

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  2. It arrived intact, just in need of some care. I’m happy to have got this one, this tree means a lot to me – one of my favorite as a child in the countryside of Brazil.

    Image #1 from Daniel Duarte
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    • Wow! we’re so happy to hear you received your special plant. We’re so grateful for your kind words. Knowing that you’re happy with both the plant and our shipping process motivates us to continue providing the best service. Happy planting!

  3. Order 123550 was never received. I have contacted the seller.

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  4. Seeds were kept moist, good for germination.

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    • We appreciate your feedback! See you on your next purchase!

  5. Seed was kept moist, should help germination.

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    • Awesome! It’s always great to hear about positive experiences with customer service and delivery. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Seed was kept moist.

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    • You’ve made our day! Thanks for the feedback.

  7. I have purchased now three cold hardy citrus (citrandarin, and swingle citrumelo) both are in ground, doing great, but this thomasville cintrangaquat is shriveled, looks dry, and not happy. Little concerned this one is not going to make it and do as well as the other two.

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  8. I ordered the Shenandoah pawpaw seeds. The shipping was fast and seeds were in good condition. Planted them and waiting for sprouts.

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  9. You were very helpful! The corms were large and beautiful! I didn’t expect 3!
    Thank you so much!!

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  10. Plant came in great condition, packaged very well!

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Premium, well-draining Citrus soil mix (also for Amorphophallus, Mangave)

Premium, well-draining Citrus soil mix (also for Amorphophallus, Mangave)


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