Philodendron Serpens


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five leaf specimen plant

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    The plant came in excellent condition can’t wait to see it grow under my care.

    Anthurium Clarinervium 'Black'Anthurium Clarinervium ‘Black’

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    Will G

    Killer Rare Plants!! Def will be back!

    Anthurium Veitchii - wide formAnthurium Veitchii – wide form

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    Even though there has been slight delays with shipping, due to no fault of seller. My plant arrived very healthy with no leaf damage! I love the colors on the leaves. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend this seller.

    Monstera LechlerianaMonstera Lechleriana

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    I ordered the Thai constellation Dec 18th and it shipped by Jan 11th (due to winter weather and Christmas) as indicated by the seller. The plant arrived in one day which was great. After comparing the plant to the original photos, it does not seem to be the same exact plant that was advertised but it is beautiful none the less. Seller made up for it. I’ll be back!

    Anthurium LongistrorsumAnthurium Longistrorsum

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    I bought this and it wasn’t cheap. It was delivered as requested, however, one large leaf is yellowed. I still love it!

    Anthurium Decipiens (wv30)Anthurium Decipiens (wv30)

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    Plant arrived overnight and perfectly however, it started yellowing slightly. I checked the roots and there were none not even lying in the moss. I messaged asking if the listing was supposed to be a cutting instead of a rooted plant and the seller got back to me quickly and made it right.

    Anthurium PedatumAnthurium Pedatum

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    User 1

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