Carnivorous- Sarracenia trumpet pitcher plants

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April to  September- these plants will be available during their active period.

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Sarracenia, also known as pitcher plant, or trumpet pitcher plant is a unique plant that captures and digests insects to uptake minerals. Is the perfect example of evolution. It is easy to grow and is the best carnivorous plant for beginners. It is native to the Southeastern United States growing wild in bogs all along the Southern Coast of the United States from Texas to Florida, up the East Coast all the way to Canada and in some parts of Montana. They make beautiful displays and will be the most colorful plants in your outdoor garden, perfect conversational pieces which will amaze any plant enthusiast. They have tubular pitcher-shaped leaves with trap openings facing the center of the crown. It thrives in full sun to partial shade. When watering sarracenia, it requires mineral-free water, so use rain, distilled or R.O water . Tap water contains too many minerals and/or chemicals that are harmful to their root system. Sarracenia requires a soil mixture of perlite, peat moss and silica sand, and loves wet soil. Must use plastic pots, or 100% glazed pots. Unglazed clay pots leach minerals also harmful to sarracenia. You can propagate them via seeds, though is much easier by division.

You will receive at least 1 division in its active state (period of activity begins late winter to fall) then they will enter dormancy.

Cultivation– Plants must be grown using the tray method or bog style pot. With the tray method they must sit in a tray with about 1′ of water. You may let the tray dry out in between watering, but must never let the substrate dry out. They do require a cool period of dormancy, all North American states get cold enough to do that, but some places may be too cold to be kept outside all year round, so they may be brought indoors as long as they remain cool enough to put them into dormancy. They must be brought out into full sun in early spring time (as soon as it shows activity) or as soon as the weather allows it. Any questions please reach out.

Check weekly, there will be more added during the winter!!

Shipping – sarracenia come if different sizes depending on the specie, pitcher are between 12″- 36″ long and shipping cost will reflect because  a long  box must be used to ship plant safely. If you want to save in shipping see our “Rhizome winter special” that runs from later fall to early spring. Some pitchers may be trimmed for shipping purposes. Plants will ship bare root,  you may get you own sarracenia substrate  ( contact me and I can tell you mixing ratios) or you may purchase the one I offer here (substrate + pot-enough for 2 rhizomes). Media price includes the additional cost for shipping.  I ship USPS  priority mail 2-5 business days. All purchases on or after Wednesday will ship the following Monday to avoid plants spending the weekend at the post office. Not responsible for frozen plants or delays from postal service, that’s out of my hands

For orders cancelled or refunded  72 hours after being placed, there will be a $5  charge (deducted from total refund) to cover restocking and Stripe’s processing fee.


Shipping Countries: United States (US)

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All orders placed placed on or after Wednesday will ship the following Monday


Refund Policy

Not responsible for damaged plants or delays by postal service. Not responsible for unproper care of plants. Will accept refunds if damage to the plant was due to unproper packaging. or if plant arrived dead during normal shipping window (no delays)

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  1. I have visited their nursery, they are extremely knowledgeable and have an amazing collection. Always high quality.

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  2. Received after 3 days I ordered. They arrived in a box. All wrapped loosely by used newspapers. You can see the roots with some soil still attached. I planted them in pots the next day. I put them in my sun room. Hope they will grow healthy and see the flowers soon.

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  3. Very carefully packed. Second order from seller and could not be happier. Will purchase more items in the future.

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  4. Amazing. Way more than I thought I was paying for! Perfectly packaged. Fast to ship. The little gift thrown in is deeefinitely more than a little gift ??. 100% recommend this shop!

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  5. A little smaller than I thought but a really cool, unique cactus!! Exactly as shown. Healthy. Happy to have it!!

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  6. ery healthy with good roots, no marks or scars, and a very fast delivery.

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  7. The cactus arrived surprisingly quick and they where wrapped so perfectly

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  8. great quality, identical to photos met 100×100

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  9. Im very happy with the packaging and condition of the plants!

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  10. Beautiful quality and size. I am extremely pleased with this seller!!

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Carnivorous- Sarracenia trumpet pitcher plants

Carnivorous- Sarracenia trumpet pitcher plants

$11.00$32.00 (-12%)

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